Complete Guide To The Floating Ruins Dungeon In Fae Farm

One of the areas in which Fae Farm shines is in its dungeons, and once you finally arrive in the Fae Realm through the portal, you’ll find a whole new region leaking its own natural disaster – green mist called miasma – through the portal and into Azoria. Shame it’s fatal to humans, right?



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Just like in the last dungeon, you’re tasked with crawling through 25 dungeon floors in the Floating Ruins over in the Fae Realm, each filled with progressively tougher enemies guarding even more lucrative loot. Pick of some of the Fae Realm’s new resources and fight your way through!

How To Get To The Floating Ruins

speaking to balarandi about the fairbreath potion in fae farm

After you and the Wisp Mother have worked together to find and unlock the portal between Azoria and the Fae Realm, you begin Chapter FIve when she sends you in to go chat with the remaining Fairies who stayed behind.

There are only two residents of the Fae Realm when you first get there – Balarandi the Potion seller, and Zido, a gate guard who’s not had much to do since the portal was sealed.

After some running around, you’ll ultimately be speaking with Balarandi, who introduces you to your first taste of the Potion Crafting skill. Until now, you’ve been buying from Vera, but Balarandi teaches you how you can make potions at home.

You’ll need to:

  • Craft a Potion Ingredients Station
    • Acting much like the Prep Table for cooking, the Potion Ingredients Station allows you to process Fae resources for use in potions.
  • Craft a Fae Critter Conservatory, which can be made from .
    • This allows you to process Fae Realm Critters into resources just like you have been with bugs in Azoria.
  • Craft a Potion Brewing Cauldron, which is made from
    • This final step formally allows you to make any potion recipe you know from home.

Once all of these steps are complete, craft your Fairbreath Potion and head back to show Balarandi. After this, she directs you to the Floating Ruins up the bridge to the right of Balarandi’s shop.

There’s a Pedestal just outside that you can use to activate a waypoint by using an Amethyst Seal, so you don’t have to run back and forth every day.

Fairbreath Potions Make You (Temporarily) Immune To Miasma Damage

You heard about it from both the Wisp Mother and again from Balarandi, but you’ll find out first-hand when you walk into some for the first time that miasma is dangerous to humans.

Thankfully, before you go, Balarandi tells you about a potion recipe that can help temporarily block your body from the miasma, called the Fairbreath Potion. In fact, you need to show her you made a bottle before she lets you in.

miasma overtaking the screen in fae farm

The dose on the small bottle makes you immune to miasma damage for a short while, usually enough to get though a couple floors of the dungeon.

Either way, bring plenty of Fairbreath Potions, especially until you get the recipe for a larger bottle as you work on your Potion Brewing skills. Depending on how long you visit, you’ll probably use two to three bottles per exploration, so come prepared!

If you don’t have a way to fend off the miasma, exactly like when you’re out in the Fae Realm and Azoria, you’ll see a meter measuring your miasma exposure appear at the top of the screen.

If you’ve not experimented yet to see what happens, the screen clouds over progressively as your meter goes up, and at max level, you’ll be booted from the dungeon, completely unable to see.

Because of this, you physically cannot explore the Floating Ruins without a Fairbreath Potion to protect your farmer from the miasma.

Find Two Pink Orbs To Advance To New Floors

Though mines in farming sims often follow the same “find the hidden button” mechanic that Saltwater Mines did, the Floating Ruins are a bit different – you need two keys for each door.

The keys for the Floating Ruins are in the form of glowing pink orbs, and interestingly, how you get them changes between floors, and there’s not much of a way to tell how that floor is going to work until you find the first orb organically.

the portal to a new floor in the floating ruins fae farm

The pink glow can be found either sitting out on a platform, typically off to the sides of each level. They’ll be visible when you arrive at the platform, although they may sometimes be hidden behind statues or rocks, so keep an eye out for that pink color.

Additionally, like before, you may also find the orbs by breaking rocks and ore nodes around the floor. In this case, the orb will pop out like a material, and your farmer will grab it.

When you have both orbs, make your way to the very end of the floor by bouncing on the mushrooms and using your wings for bigger stretches. You need to run through the pink circles around the posts on either side of the opening for the keys to register.

Once both keys have been activated, a portal of light will open between the statues, and you can step on through to the next level.

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All Seals Required To Fully Unlock The Floating Ruins

using a seal on floor16 of the floating ruins in fae farm

Just like the previous dungeon, you’ll be using different kinds of Seals in the Pedestals on each level to permanently unlock that floor.

In the Floating Ruins, you’ll be using Feyrite and Silver Seals, as well as the dungeon’s four gemstones to make the higher level Seals for each material.

All of this can be found within the Floating Ruins, which means you’ll likely need to wander around the levels normally collecting materials to process back home – it’s a slow start, but it becomes easier as you go deeper!

Every Seal Needed To Unlock The Floating Ruins


Seal Required


Feyrite Seal





Hammered Feyrite Seal





Engraved Feyrite Seal





Silver Seal





Hammered Silver Seal





Engraved Silver Seal





Unlike Saltwater Mines, there are no floors you’ll need an actual key for, like the ones you got from Cleo – it’s you and your seals for this dungeon.

Ores, Gems, And Other Resources In The Floating Ruins

a farmer mining feyrite in the floatng ruins in fae farm

Just like in Saltwater Mines, the Floating Ruins have a spread of minerals and gemstones to collect, but you’ll also find a few new plant-based resources inside as well.

In the Floating Ruins, you’ll be introduced to a new type of foraging item exclusive to the Floating Ruins – Sporeweed. These look like tall grass containing mushrooms, and they grow throughout the Floating Ruins alongside your ore nodes.

This will prove to be important to the final level of the dungeon, as you’ll need a few Spore Essences to finish up. These can be produced at the Potion Ingredient Table.

And, in terms of your Logging skill, you’ll find a second regionally exclusive type of Logs – Sporewood Logs.

The trees can be easy to miss since they look a lot like set dressing for the background, but the black mushroom trees you’ll occasionally find on the left and right sides of the floors drop their own resource.

Finally, there’s also a new kind of dirt to dig up as well. Shade Jelly appears in the purple digging mounds throughout the dungeon and can be dug up exactly like Silt or Sand.

Past that, you’ll have new dungeon resources like ore nodes and gemstones you won’t find elsewhere in Fae Farm. Like in Saltwater Mines, check the Pedestal as you unlock new floors to see where the materials you need are most likely to spawn.

All Resources Available In The Floating Ruins


Available On Floors




Shade Jelly

Sporewood Trees

Feyrite Ore


Rough Amethyst




Rough Rose Quartz


Silver Ore

10- 24

Rough Sapphire


Rough Emerald


Even on floors where it says your odds are decent, Rough Emerald seems to be a bit challenging to find. You’ll likely need to head back in a couple of times to gather resources before you’re prepared for the final floor of the dungeon.

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Enemies In The Floating Ruins

the farmer surrounded by enemies in the floating ruins in fae farm

If you felt like you were cruising through Saltwater Mines’ combat, be prepared for tougher fights in the Floating Ruins.

Jumbles in the Floating Ruins have a whimsical theme, with everything from aggressive little harp monsters to living nightmare statues that make you look twice at every one of them you walk past.

You’ll once again have a spread of five total enemies in the Floating Ruins, but they’re markedly tougher than the ones from the previous dungeon. This requires more than ever that you work out their attack pattern, so you can move and counter-attack at the right time.

All Enemies In The Floating Ruins Dungeon

Jumble Name

Begins Appearing On Floor

Attack Pattern

Possible Assorted Drops



These Jumbles lie flat on the ground amid the rocks with their mouths open, and they launch you into the air should you step on them. Once activated by you coming too close, they charge at you, chomping their teeth to attack continuously.

Ores, Fibers



If you get too close to them, and they notice you, they’ll charge straight at you. When you hit one, it will extend its clock arm like a sword and proceed to perform four swinging quarter-turns to deal damage to anything the arm hits.

Ores, Gemstones



Rather aggressive and strikingly fast, Dyers tend to keep their distance, so they can fire their long-range magic projectile at you, which fires in a straight line from the Jumble itself.

Ores, Logs



When they see you, they float into the air and create a large circle, and then drop onto you to cause damage within the circle. You’ll still be hit even if you jump, so it’s best to stay on the ground when fighting them for a quicker escape.

Stones, Gemstones, Fibers



After chasing you down, Skellos create a gauge-type range in front of themselves and will swing their bow like a sword to hit anything within that range after a moment to charge up.

Ores, Logs

Not all the statues throughout the Floating Ruins are Eutats, but all the statues will look at you. With no visual distinction between them, you likely won’t know you’re walking past a Eutats until it begins moving. Just be on your guard when walking past one!

Floating Ruins Sprite: Boletal

boletal talking about the miasma in the floating ruins in fae farm

Just like the last dungeon in Fae Farm, your ultimate goal in the Floating Ruins is to reach Floor 25 all the way at the end. Unsurprisingly, there’s another Sprite, who’s been creating the miasma overtaking the Fae Realm.

Despite having a much more sour attitude than the last Sprite, Boletal would also like you to bring them five different materials before they’ll consider putting a stop to the miasma.

However, this time, you’ll need Fae Realm resources both raw and processed, instead of prepared meals – Boletal will take care of the rest once you’ve delivered their ingredients.

Boletal’s Requests In The Floating Ruins

Material Needed

Made From

Crafting Station Required

10 Violet Jellycaps

Mushrooms foraged in the Fae Realm

N/A – Boletal wants them as-is

15 Clover Feed

Foraged grass from the Fae Realm

5 Spore Essence

Made from 4 Sporeweed each

(20 Sporeweed total)

Potion Ingredients Station

Fae Dust

Myst Fairies

Sun Sprites

Fae Fairies

Fae Critter Conservatory

5 Polished Emerald

Made from 10 Rough Emeralds each

(50 Rough Emeralds total)

Gem Polisher

Finishing The Floating Ruins Unlocks Another Sprite Spell

You’ll already have experienced this with Neppy in Saltwater Mines, so it should come as no surprise that Boletal offers you a new spell in exchange for your assistance.

boletal giving you the faerie fire spell in fae farm

This time, you’ll receive the Faerie Fire Spell, which allows you to fire a few blasts of fire at Jumbles from a distance, as well as access to brand-new areas of the Fae Realm that you haven’t yet accessed.

To unlock a third farmhouse conveniently located right in the Fae Realm and also with its own Pedestal, simply use the Faerie Fire spell between the two purple posts on the edge of the cliff to the east of Fae Town.

This will create a bridge to your new farm, and you can move in as soon as you cross! The Fae Realm allows you to raise new animals, grow new crops, and hunt new resources, all of which are entirely different from Azoria’s.

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