How To Get A Home In New Atlantis In Starfield

Starfield has over a thousand planets to explore, so it’s important that you establish a few homes around the galaxy. And what better place to do so than New Atlantis? You must jump a few hoops with the UC to get a home there. After all, the UC doesn’t just let anyone become a UC Citizen.



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New Atlantis is the capital city of Jemison and is found in the Alpha Centauri system. You’ll constantly be visiting New Atlantis during your space exploration adventure, and as the Constellation’s main headquarters resides in the city, it makes sense to establish a home here.

What Homes Are Available In New Atlantis?

Starfield: New Atlantis Apartments

There are three homes you can acquire in New Atlantis:

  • The Lodge – A room in the Lodge is given to you during the Old Neighborhood main story quest after completing the One Small Step mission.
  • The Well Apartment – The Well Apartment is purchased from Aphelion Reality for 30,000 credits and requires you to become a UC Citizen.
  • Mercury Tower Penthouse – The Mercury Tower Penthouse is acquired by becoming a UC Class A Citizen and by talking to Zora at Aphelion Reality.

While you won’t be able to decorate your Lodge room since it doesn’t count as an actual player home, it’s a great way to establish a base on New Atlantis. The Room contains a safe with infinite storage, and all five crafting stations can be found in the basement.

All homes in New Atlantis are unfurnished, requiring you to add furniture and crafting stations using the decorating feature inside the apartment.

Where To Find Aphelion Reality In New Atlantis

Starfield: Aphelion Reality location

New Atlantis has plenty of signs and information boards to help you navigate the city; however, it can be confusing for the first-time visitor. Aphelion Reality is the New Atlantis estate agency and can be found in between the Freestar Collective Embassy and the MAST Building.

How To Get The Well Apartment In New Atlantis

Starfield: New Atlantis Well Home

The Well Apartment requirements:

  • Be a UC Citizen
  • 30,000 Credits

The Well Apartment isn’t in a prime location, but owning a house in this underground district is a good idea since there are plenty of services and quests to complete in this area.

You must become a UC Citizen before the apartment in the Well becomes accessible to you. To do this, you must join the UC Vanguard and complete the “Friends Like These” UC faction quest.

Once you’ve completed the Friends Like These UC mission, you’ll be granted UC citizenship and subsequently unlock the estate agents service at Aphelon Reality in the MAST District.

Talk to Zora Sangweni, the estate agent at Aphelon Reality, and ask about the available homes in New Atlantis. If you are a UC citizen, the Well apartment will be available to purchase for 30,000 credits.

The Well Apartment is a cozy little apartment located directly above Jake’s Bar on the upper level of the Well.

The Well home has a spacious kitchen, albeit a small cooking stove and cooking area, but makes up for this with a surprisingly large first floor and balcony that wraps around the exterior.

The apartment also features a small bathroom and tiny bedroom, reminiscing of the old Megaton house from Fallout 3.

Despite both apartments including a cooking stove, they are purely cosmetic and cannot be used to craft food items. So you’ll need to place a Cooking Station in your house if you plan on crafting food.

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How To Get The Mercury Tower Penthouse Home In New Atlantis

Starfield: Mercury Tower Penthouse

The Mercury Tower Penthouse requirements:

To acquire UC Class A citizenship, you must complete the UC faction quest line:

  • Supra Et Ultra
  • Grunt Work
  • Delivering Devils
  • Eyewitness
  • Friends Like These
  • The Devils You Know
  • War Relics
  • Hostile Intelligence
  • A Legacy Forged

Upon completing the “A Legacy Forged” UC mission, you will be granted UC Class A citizenship and be able to claim the Mercury Tower Penthouse for free from Zora Sangweni in Aphelion Reality.

The Mercury Tower is found in the Residential District of New Atlantis opposite the NAT Tram station and next to the Apollo Tower. To get to the penthouse, take the elevator to the top of the tower.

The Mercury Tower Penthouse overlooks New Atlantis and the countryside of Jemison, giving you a couple of amazing views that you can jump off if you have a Pack equipped, of course.

The penthouse features a few utility and storage rooms found in the hallway and in the back of the kitchen, and the penthouse includes a spacious master room and guest room. The large open kitchen range is this home’s selling point.

You can’t fast travel to the Mercury Tower Penthouse, but you can to the Residential District. This will spawn you outside the NAT Tram station, making the Mercury a short walk across the playground.

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