How To Romance Minthara In Baldur’s Gate 3

While there are many romances in Baldur’s Gate 3, none are as intense as the one-off with Minthara. She’s a powerful True Soul with an unbridled devotion to the Absolute, until you come in. While she follows her god’s orders to the letter, you can convince her to look elsewhere for comfort.



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Be warned that pursuing Minthara comes at a great cost. You’ll sacrifice several allies to win her heart, and set your character down a dark path. However, you won’t be alone, and Minthara is more than happy to walk that road with you when the time comes.

Where To Find Minthara

Minthara threatens a goblin in Baldur's Gate 3

In Act One, you’ll encounter Minthara at the Goblin Camp. There, she is following orders from the Absolute, and she needs to know where the Druid Grove is.

Speak to Minthara and tell her where the Druid Grove is. She’ll take the news well and promise you a reward after the grove has been wiped clean.

You’ll need to go to camp and take a long rest before the assault on the Druid Grove can begin. You’ll talk to Zevlor and side against him to confirm your allegiance to the Absolute and Minthara.

How To Raise Minthara’s Approval

Minthara promises a reward in Baldur's Gate 3

Unlike other companions, Minthara doesn’t have an approval meter in the beginning. Your relationship status is determined by how badly she wants to kill you, which hopefully is not very much.

Until you can recruit Minthara, you’ll have to get creative with how you impress her.

Telling Minthara about the strange artifact is not a good idea. She will grow suspicious of you and doubt your faith.

Ways you can ensure you get on Minthara’s good side are simple:

  • Follow the Absolute’s commands
  • Be obedient and receptive to orders
  • Side with the goblins
  • Be assertive in conflict

To avoid upsetting her or potentially losing your chance with her:

  • Do not side with the tieflings and druids
  • Do not deny the Absolute’s power
  • Do not be indecisive
  • Do not act cowardly or weak

Following these guidelines will make it easier to romance her later, once the Druid Grove is eliminated.

How To Raid The Druid Camp

Minthara outside the Druid Grove in Baldur's Gate 3

Once you ally yourself with Minthara, you’ll need to go to camp for a long rest. Wrap up any loose ends you have at the Druid Grove because it won’t be there tomorrow.

This is your last chance to decide between the Druids and Minthara. Going through with this will lock you out of certain quests and companions, as they will not survive the assault on the grove.

When you arrive at the Grove, you’ll be brought inside to help defend the tieflings. When given the opportunity, confirm your alliance with Minthara and betray Zevlor and the Druids.

Obey Minthara and open the gate, as it’s the only way forward for this romance.

How To Get Minthara In Your Camp

Minthara at a shrine of hte Absolute in Baldur's Gate 3

It can be a tough fight, but once you eliminate all the tieflings and druids, Minthara will want to celebrate at camp. Talk to her and follow these dialogue choices to ensure you can spend the night with her:

  • First choice: It’s been a privilege to fight alongside you.
  • Second choice: Open your mind.
  • Third Choice: Accept the change.

Minthara will see you at camp after the celebration. You must speak with her to unlock the romance scene. You’ll need to choose these options for the scene to begin:

  • First choice: Yes, I’m yours, Minthara.
  • Second choice: Do as she says.
  • Third Choice: I want you.

With this, you’ll unlock the scene and spend the night with Minthara.

Enjoy the moment while it lasts, because when it’s over, Minthara will confront you about not hearing the voice of the Absolute in your presence.

When playing as the Dark Urge, you will have the option to kill Minthara after the romance scene. Doing so will snap her neck, cutting any interactions with her out of your future.

After The Celebration

Minthara poised to strike in Baldur's Gate 3

When Minthara confronts you about it, tell her that she should go pray. This will sate her curiosity, for now, allowing you to leave the encounter alive, though this won’t be the last you see of her.

If you do tell her about the artifact here, she will be suspicious, but her feelings will conflict. She will have additional lines of dialogue about how you must prove your devotion, but will otherwise follow the same steps.

Later, while you are sleeping, Minthara will angle a dagger at your neck. The Absolute ordered your death, but Minthara was able to spare you.

Without telling her about the artifact, Minthara will send you to Moonrise where you will both be in the presence of the Absolute.

You’ll need to recruit her in Act Two for her to officially join your camp as a party member. She’s handy to have considering you’ve sacrificed three other potential companions (Wyll, Karlach, and Halsin).

Any companions that remain with you will disapprove of Minthara and the actions taken at the Druid Grove.

Minthara’s route is not for the faint of heart. There are difficult choices that must be made, and it does not get easier.

However, for those who want to serve the Absolute or see what it’s like to play as an evil character, Minthara’s route is the perfect way to flesh out the story.

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