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While there are plenty of companions to romance in Baldur’s Gate 3, there are a handful of unique encounters to be had with characters outside your party. The most devilish of these is Mizora, everyone’s favorite half-fiend (except maybe Wyll and Karlach). She’s known for making wicked deals, and she has one for you.



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Mizora breaks traditional romance routes. There is no quest that leads you through all three acts, there is no ability to recruit her, and you cannot bring her to your camp like other companions. Mizora will come to you and offer you a deal of your own, no strings attached.

Who Is Mizora?

Mizora presents Wyll's contract again in Baldur's Gate 3

Mizora is Wyll’s handler. She holds his contract and is tied to his questline. To reach Mizora and romance her, you’ll need to keep Wyll close by. She enjoys making him squirm, and having him on your side makes it easier to reach this fiend.

She is cunning and cruel, and does not require approval to romance. Regardless of whether you try to free Wyll from his pact or not, Mizora will be close by her pet.

Where To Find Mizora

Mizora arrives at camp in Baldur's Gate 3

So long as you have Wyll in your party, Mizora will come to you. When you deal with Karlach, one way or the other, she will appear. Regardless of your decisions, Mizora will appear again at your camp and tasks you with recovering one of Zariel’s assets.

If you want to romance Mizora, you’ll need to follow through with this. If you don’t, Mizora will remain unattainable.

How To Rescue Mizora From The Mind Flayer Colony

Baldur's Gate 3 - Mizora the succubus being released from her pod

After defeating Ketheric Thorm the first time in Act Two, you’ll enter the Mind Flayer Colony beneath Moonrise Towers. You’ll find Mizora trapped in a pod beyond the room Zevlor is being kept, near the tadpole ponds.

You’ll need to free her by any means necessary to earn her favor. This grants you the opportunity to free Wyll, though it won’t make a difference here. You can talk with her more to gain information, but she won’t return any advances yet.

How To Get Mizora’s Romance Scene

Mizora wants to show you agony in Baldur's Gate 3

To unlock Mizora’s romance scene, you’ll need to reach Act Three. Here, she will appear in Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, just past the bridge before entering the Lower City.

She’ll ask you to witness Gortash’s ceremony with Wyll so that he can see his father. Return to her and she’ll wish to speak with you later.

When you take a long rest at camp, Mizora will appear and offer Wyll a deal: His father’s life or freedom from the contract. Regardless of your decision, Mizora decides to stay at your camp.

You may need to take a few long rests to trigger Mizora’s proposal.

There are many events that unfold in Act Three, and some overlap. Wait until Mizora has an exclamation point over her to initiate her romance.

When Mizora decides it’s time, she’ll make a proposal. Tell her you’re interested in the offer. Ask any questions you’d like so that you’re well-informed before moving forward.

After all, you can’t undo this interaction, and you’re likely to have concerns–especially if you’re already in a relationship. Mizora will offer you pleasure like never before but only for one night. You need only to smile and go to sleep, then she’ll come seek you out.

After you end the day, Mizora will come to you. In a flashy display of power, you’ll bask in the sensations of the Hells. She’ll sweep you away to another plane for your night of torment.

If you are in a committed relationship, be careful. Mizora claims that your encounter will be a secret between the two of you, but it won’t stay like that for long.

Your partner will find out, and it won’t be pretty.

As long as you don’t outright deny her or tell her to leave, you’ll initiate the cutscene. The dialogue choices are as follows:

First choice:

Either embrace the nine Hells or sigh and brace yourself for it.

Second choice:

Gorge yourself on the river and relish the flavor or take a tentative sip.

Then Mizora will describe to you the nine Hells, and you can select two to experience with her. So long as you don’t back out of the experience, it will continue. Once you’ve moved forward, Mizora will embrace you in her wings.

When you awaken back at your camp, Mizora tells you that your encounter was a one-off. She’s happy to leave you wanting for more, although your party members won’t be pleased.

How Mizora’s Romance Impacts The Story

Mizora the morning after in Baldur's Gate 3

Aside from being permanently marked by the Hells, something that seems to be more flavorful than mechanical in-game, there are consequences. While Mizora won’t leave your party (she’ll stick around to help fight the mind flayer invasion), your party members will highly disapprove.

Specifically, Wyll disapproves, as will any romantic partner you have. He won’t leave the party, but you will have a difficult conversation. Karlach won’t be happy either, but you can attempt to talk things through with her if your relationship is strong enough.

Characters like Gale who want to remain monogamous will be deeply hurt by the actions, and no words can repair your relationship. Monogamous partners will break off the relationships.

Characters that are all right with you having multiple partners, like Shadowheart, will be upset, but stay with you and ask for better communication in the future.

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