The Best Android Mods For Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a popular life-simulation RPG from developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone. The game combines a lot of mechanics from other games, such as Harvest Moon. Stardew Valley initially launched on Windows in 2016, but it is now available on pretty much all other platforms, Android phones included.



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One particular aspect of the game that has helped with its longevity is the mods. Mods can do a wide variety of things, from improving the quality of life to adding new content. Android users, similar to their PC counterparts, will have access to a bunch of cool mods that should keep things fresh and fun, and below are a handful that you should definitely check out.

10 Stardew Valley Anime

Stardew Valley anime mod

Do you want a different portrait for the characters in the game that follows a more anime-style aesthetic? Let’s be honest, the art style of Stardew Valley isn’t exactly the best-looking. Applying the Stardew Valley Anime mod will change all the NPC portraits in the game into a more attractive anime-style version.

The striking makeover mod comes with new skins for both common and romanceable NPCs. It goes without saying that this mod is designed for anime fans.

9 Dawn’s Fluffy Dogs And Other Alternative Dogs, Plus Elle’s Cat Replacements

Split image of dog and cat mod for Stardew Valley

Dawn’s Fluffy Dogs and Other Alternative Dogs and Elle’s Cat Replacements are two different mods, but since both operate within the same space, featuring the two in the same entry is only fair. Both mods will expand the breeds of dogs and cats that are available in the game — a sure treat for all you pet lovers out there!

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The dog mod was created by Dawnblairr, while the cat one is from Elle. If you are an animal lover, this fun little mod will be a nice little addition to boost your Stardew Valley experience.

8 Ellie’s Ideal Greenhouse

Elle's Ideal Greenhouse mod

A fun mod for those who enjoy the farming aspect of Stardew Valley, Ellie’s Ideal Greenhouse further expands that element of the game. Developed by Elliebear117, this mod allows you to upgrade your greenhouse to either modest, expanded, or spacious variations.

Each greenhouse will have its own features. For example, the modest greenhouse is the smallest of the three and allows you to plant up to 192 plants, eight trees, and four Iridium Sprinklers. The expanded option can feature eight Iridium Sprinklers, 400 plants, and eight trees. The spacious greenhouse allows you to install eight Iridium Sprinklers, more than 400 plants, and 48 trees. This is a must-have mod for green thumbs who want to have a respectable collection of greenery.

7 Seaside Valley

Stardew Valley Seaside Valley mod

Are you tired of seeing the same vibrant color palette of Stardew Valley for the 100th hour straight? If your answer is yes, then you should check out Rainkius’ Seaside Valley mod, which recolors and transforms the look of the entire game into something more soothing for the eyes.

The Seaside Valley mod changes the bright, solid colors of the game into something more muted. The changes in this mod gives Stardew Valley a more pastel aesthetic and exudes cottage-core charm. This change is not only refreshing to the eyes, but it also complements the atmosphere of the game. This is a nice mod to add, especially if you love the style of Animal Crossing, which seems to be the inspiration.

6 Tractor Mod

Stardew Valley tractor mod

If you feel that farming in the game is too monotonous, you might want to check out the Tractor Mod by Pathoschild. This mod adds a tractor that you can use to speed up the farming process. The tractor can be ridden, and it serves multiple functions that will improve your overall farming experience in the game.

The added tractor allows you to plant seeds, add fertilizer, harvest, and even clear out stones and twigs. Adding this mod will significantly reduce the time it takes you to complete farming tasks and allow you more time for other activities.

5 Automate

Stardew Valley automate mod

One of the more crucial elements in Stardew Valley is crafting. The process is relatively straightforward, but manually crafting items can get a bit tedious after a while, especially once you have tons of them, and keeping track of everything will be a challenge in itself. This is where the Automate mod comes into play.

Another excellent mod created by Pathoschild, the Automate mod simplifies the crafting mechanic of the game. This particular mod is designed so that you can craft items automatically by upgrading manual crafting machines into automatic ones that churn out finished products instantly. This means that you completely circumvent the need to manually equip specific materials and place them at a workstation. Just drop items into the chest, and voilà!

4 NPC Map Location

Stardew Valley NPC Map Location mod

If you are one of those who have an awful sense of direction, even in games, then the NPC Map Location mod will be a crucial feature that will help you immensely. This one is pretty self-explanatory and is designed solely for convenience.

The NPC Map Location will place an icon on the map for each NPC, allowing you to keep track of where everyone is at all times. This mod is extremely helpful whenever a certain NPC is needed to complete an objective and any clue given about their location is left vague.

3 Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley Expanded mod

One of the best mods for Stardew Valley is, without a doubt, Stardew Valley Expanded by FlashShifter. The mod further adds content to the game through new locations, events, characters, and new species of fish.

If you have gone through the entirety of the game multiple times already, Stardew Valley Expanded should give you another reason to do it all over again—multiple times. The dozens of new additions also stick closely to the original art style and theme of the game, so all the added content never looks out of place.

2 Look Up Anything

Stardew Valley Look Up Anything mod

One of the best Stardew Valley Android mods for the incredible convenience it provides is Look Up Anything. This mod allows you to check every important detail about an item or NPC by simply tapping on them.

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The Look Up Anything mod will display a character’s preferred gift if you are looking to quickly raise your relationship with said character. You can also tap on your crops to see when they will be ready for harvest. Want to check how happy the animals are on your farm? Tap. How much durability is there in your fence? Tap. This mod is incredibly helpful in dealing with crucial details so that you can always be on top of most situations.

1 Mobile Phone

Stardew Valley mobile phone mod

This mod is specifically designed to improve the quality of life for players who play the game on their smartphones. The Mobile Phone mod is made by Aedenthorn and greatly improves the functionality of playing the Stardew Valley Android version by allowing you to customize app shortcuts to be used as hotkeys while playing the game.

As for its application in-game, the Mobile Phone mod adds a phone item that acts like an actual phone. The in-game mobile phone will allow you to chat with other NPCs anytime you want, eliminating the need to look for them in the game world. Another notable feature of this mod is the ability to watch unlocked character events by choosing the Reminisce option. You can also use the Friend Invite on your mobile phone to see the romanceable NPCs in the game.

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