How To Defeat Terrormorphs In Starfield

In Starfield, the only good Terrormorph is a dead Terrormorph found all over the galaxy. These apex predators are the bane of humanity. These aliens are extremely dangerous and are equipped with razor-sharp claws and a face full of mandibles and teeth, making any chance of escape from their jaws bleak. Not to mention, they have powerful psychic abilities, making them deadly at long range, too.



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Terrormorphs are unique alien creatures that do not conform to the many creatures and fauna in the galaxy. You can’t scan them for details, so everything we’ve learned about how to defeat them has been through experimentation.

Where Can Terrormorphs Be Found?

Starfield: Terrormorph

Terrormorphs can be found on any planet or moon in the galaxy, as they are robust creatures that thrive in even the most hazardous environments. But you’ll find an abundance of Terrormorphs on Toliman II of the Toliman system in Alpha Centauri, making it an excellent place to level if you have the firepower and ammo.

To get to Toliman II, select the Alpha Centauri system and scroll down using the d-pad to the Toliman system.

You can also encounter Terrormorphs on Kreet, a moon you visit in One Small Step, the first story mission in the game. We learn from reading slates and computer files within the Kreet Research Facility that Xenowarfare scientists were experimenting on alien creatures to create the perfect biological weapon.

Terrormorphs are a rare encounter. However, if you join the UC Vanguard and plan to complete the UC faction quest line, you will be well acquainted with these grotesque killing machines.

You’ll encounter Terrormorphs as early as the Grunt Work mission, the second UC faction quest. However, during this encounter, the odds will be stacked in your favor, being able to program lines of turrets to kill the Terrormorph.

In subsequent missions, such as Eyewitness, you’ll get up close and personal with these ferocious aliens and new variants without the help of turrets requiring you to do much of the heavy lifting.

Terrormorph Variants

Terrormorph Variant



Starfield: Terrormorph on Kreet

Albino Terrormorph

Starfield: Albino Terrormorph

Cloaked Terrormorph

Starfield: Cloaked Terrormorph

Terrormorph Anomaly

Starfield: Terrormorph Anomaly

Terrormorph Abilities

Starfield: Terrormorph Burrowing into ground

Unfortunately, Terrormorphs have few weaknesses to exploit; a stark contrast to their many strengths.

Terrormorphs are capable of strafing, allowing them to avoid gunfire and close the distance on you. They can also burrow into the ground to evade danger and sneak up behind you, adding to the difficulty of fighting these creatures.

They are fast and are capable of striking you with powerful melee and ranged attacks. Furthermore, their shrieking can mind-control nearby humans and creatures to rally alongside them, and their projectile will stun you out of reloading.

Despite having a ranged attack, we recommend getting to high ground, as Terrormorphs can’t climb. Here, you can shoot down from above at them.

Do Terrormorphs Have Weak Spots?

Starfield: Terrormorph Weakspots

There have been claims online that Terrormorphs have weak points on their back; however, this is not the case.

The Terrormorph back features disgusting growths that, in video game logic, make sense to be a weak point. However, players may have been led to believe they have weak points on their backs due to the random critical hit chance.

In an experiment, we focused firing on a Terrormorph back, which resulted in a few critical hits. However, we landed significantly more critical hits when firing at the Terrormorph’s head. So we learned that the head is the Terrormorph’s weakness.

What Is The Best Equipment To Fight Terrormorphs?

Starfield: Sentinel's UC Antixeno Spacesuit

In general, you’ll want to keep a demolition weapon in reserve for Terrormorphs. Explosives are the way to go for maximum damage. However, some unique weapons and armor should be acquired for fighting these alien terrors.

  • Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Spacesuit.
  • Armor-Plated Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Pack.
  • Incendiary Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Space Helmet.
  • X-989 Microgun Exterminator.

All three of Sentinel’s UC Antixeno spacesuit equipment can be picked up during the Hostile Intelligence UC faction mission at Forward Base 441.

X-989 Microgun Exterminator

Starfield: X-989 Microgun

The X-989 Microgun deals 30 percent extra damage to aliens, making it a perfect weapon in combination with the extra 30 percent alien damage bonus provided by the unique spacesuit and helmet.

Be careful, though, as the X-989 Microgun will eat through ammo fast. You can sink a thousand 7.77 in minutes because it fires 350 rounds per minute.

Investing skill points into the Heavy Weapons and Demolition skill is a great way to increase your damage to Terrormorphs, provided you use the corresponding weapon.

Increase Your Damage Output With Chems

Starfield: Infantry Alpha

Fighting Terrormorphs is no easy task, and while taking out one or two Terrormorphs is possible with your general rifles and pistols, you will need a ton of ammo. However, you will need a lot more firepower when fighting against a whole pack while exploring the snowy planet of Toliman II.

If your firepower is simply not cutting it, consider using Chems to increase your movement speed and damage output; remember that to increase the damage of your ranged weapons, you will need to use chems that increase “Ranged Damage.”

Use chems like Infantry Alpha and Panopticon. Don’t worry if you become addicted to chems, as this is a relatively easy fix and a great trade-off for temporary extra damage or damage resistance.

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