JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters Who Should Have Video Games

When it comes to influential long-running manga series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is at the top of the list. New chapters of this series have been getting published since the late ’80s, and the author Hirohiko Araki is showing no signs of slowing down, with the series gaining more international attention thanks to the 2012 anime adaptation of the series.



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Like many popular shounen series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure does have video game adaptations; however, these all tend to be fighting games. So, which Jojo characters would suit having their own standalone game, opposed to just being a fighter in a roster?

8 Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The first two parts of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, while foundational, often get overlooked since they don’t feature the stands that have come to define the series. They’re both shorter too. However, Part 2 especially has plenty of lovable and iconic moments.

The conflict against the Pillar Men starred Joseph Joestar and Caesar; however, their mentor Lisa Lisa, while not as heavily featured, has clearly lived an interesting life. Getting to learn more about Lisa Lisa and what leads up to the events of Part 2 would be perfect for expanding the world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

7 Polnareff

jojo jotaro and polnareff

While there is a massive variety of villains in Part 3, with plenty of characters being entranced by DIO to do his bidding, the cast of characters fighting against them is much more limited. The group of Stardust Crusaders is a strong group, and one of the more fun characters in this group is Polnareff.

He has a strong personality, and is shown to have a fun relationship with the rest of the group once he has settled in. On top of this, Polnareff is shown to have an interesting backstory that could easily use some extra attention. Getting to see Part 3 from Polnareff’s perspective, as well as his life leading up to it and following would be a treat for Jojo fans.

6 Mikitaka

jojo josuke and mikitaka

Part 4 is well-known by Jojo fans for having one of the more expansive casts of recurring characters, with Morioh serving as a hub for these characters to keep running into each other. This means that there are plenty of contenders in Diamond is Unbreakable for their own game.

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A more obscure pick that would make a more unique project would be the enigmatic Mikitaka. Mikitaka’s screen time is relatively limited, so getting to learn more about his quirky personality, and control his mysterious alien-like powers, could be a lot of fun.

5 Mista

jojo mista

Similar to Part 3, Part 5 features a core group of leading characters that doesn’t change much throughout the series. All of these characters could justifiably feature in their own standalone projects; however, one that would definitely stand out would be Mista.

Mista is one of the members of the gang who is closest to the lead character of Part 5, Giorno, so getting to see more of their relationship could be incredibly interesting. Detailed control over Mista’s stand ability could manifest in some interesting gunplay possibilities that would make the gameplay incredibly engaging as well as unique.

4 Jolyne

jojo jolyne

While a lot of the side characters in Part 6 have potential for their own standalone project, getting to control the protagonist, Jolyne Cujoh, and play through the events of Part 6 has great potential. Joylne’s stand, Stone Free, has a wide variety of different abilities that would make combat with Jolyne fun and varied, but also traversing the map and solving any puzzles.

Using the prison setting as a hub for the game could also create some interesting opportunities. It would flesh out Jolyne’s relationship with the side characters and allow you to see more interesting interactions between the main events of the Part.

3 Josuke

jojo josuke

The main narrative of Part 4 is one of the best throughout Jojo, so getting to experience it while playing as the lead character, Josuke Higashikata, could be a great opportunity for a game. Josuke is an interesting character, and getting to see more of his day-to-day life in Morioh would be a great way to flesh out what life is like for him.

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The abilities of his stand Crazy Diamond allow him to fix or heal anything that is not himself. Using this fixing ability could make him both interesting to use in combat, but also for solving environmental puzzles as well. Getting to see his interactions with his growing group of friends throughout Part 4 would be fun, too.

2 Rohan

jojo rohan

While Josuke is the main character of Part 4, a side character who gets just as much attention as him is Rohan Kishibe. Rohan is introduced as a villain, but soon becomes a hesitant ally to Josuke after a greater threat enters the fray. Rohan is shown to have a strained relationship with Josuke, but grows fond of Koichi, so seeing more of this dynamic would be interesting.

On top of this, Rohan’s story is shown to not end with the events of Part 4, with him receiving plenty of spin-off stories that would give a game focused on him plenty of content to use.

1 Dio Brando/DIO

jojo dio brando

While the JoJos are the main characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, perhaps the most iconic recurring character in the series is Dio. Dio is the original villain in Part 1 of Jojo, with him being a rival to Jonathan Joestar tormenting him throughout his whole life. After being becoming a vampire and creating an army of the undead, Dio is still defeated by Jonathan.

However, he manages to survive for decades to return as DIO, being the main antagonist for Part 3 as well. Getting to play as Dio and see the events between his appearances to the protagonists would be a great way to add more depth to what we already know about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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