The Best One Piece Characters That Deserve A Game

Perhaps the most popular manga and anime adaptation of all time is One Piece. The manga series has been running for over 25 years, and the anime series for almost as long. Like any successful anime series, it has spawned plenty of spin-off projects, like movies, live-action series, and stage plays.



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However, one of the most successful spin-off projects is the games. These One Piece games tend to be fighting games, hack-and-slash games, and the occasional open-world adventure, with most of these tending to focus on Luffy, with other Straw Hats occasionally getting featured. So, which One Piece characters other than Luffy would make compelling main characters in games?

8 Franky

Franky sweating in One Piece.

One of the most entertaining members of the Straw Hat crew is the Shipwright Franky, who is responsible for building the ship the Straw Hats are still sailing, as well as creating plenty of other mechanical creations to help the crew. After the time skip, Franky fully turned his body into a cyborg, giving him some of the most diverse abilities in the crew.

Being able to control Franky in-depth would create plenty of opportunities. He has an extensive backstory on the Water Seven Arc, and getting to customize the ship, use his cyborg abilities, and flesh out his relationship with the other Straw Hats would be plenty of fun.

7 Ace

Ace looking serious in One Piece.

When it comes to the most beloved characters in the One Piece universe that are not part of the Straw Hat crew, Ace is at the top of the list. Ace is Luffy’s brother and shared a formative youth with him, both wishing to be pirates with their mutual friend Sabo.

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However, after the pair split from their home island, Ace follows a very different path from Luffy. Getting to follow Ace’s journey and visit the different islands he visited would be perfect for expanding the One Piece universe, and it would also be a perfect excuse to learn more about the Whitebeard pirates.

6 Jinbe

Jinbe looking angry in One Piece.

One of the newer members of the Straw Hat crew is Jinbe. We were introduced to Jinbe a lot earlier than when he officially joined the crew, and it is clear that a lot is going on with him that we do not get to see when following Luffy and the rest of the crew.

Being a fish man, Jinbe uses underwater traversal as a method of getting around a lot more often than the humans on the crew, especially when compared to the devil fruit users who are unable to swim. Getting to play through a One Piece adventure with underwater traversal being an option over ships, and learning more about the fishmen, could be a lot of fun.

5 Kin’emon

Kinemon looking startled in One Piece.

The side character in the world of One Piece gets plenty of development, and a great example of this is Kin’emon who is incredibly important to the events in the New World. The climax of Kin’emon’s importance to the narrative is in the Wano Country arc, but we learn that he was getting up to plenty more before this.

Playing as Kin’emon would give an insight not just into Kin’emon, but other characters from Wano like Oden and Momonosuke. While Kin’emon does not have the flashiest abilities when compared to other characters, he still has a variety of abilities that could be entertaining to use with a playable character.

4 Chopper

Chopper ready to fight in One Piece.

Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat crew, which is already an interesting enough perspective for a protagonist of a game, but his distinctive abilities in combat and traversal would make him an even better main character to play.

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Getting to follow Chopper’s perspective, from his youth on Drum Island to his journeying with the Straw Hats would be a lot of fun for fans of his character. There are not too many games that feature a doctor as the protagonist, and not in the One Piece universe, so getting to see Chopper fulfill this role could make an incredibly unique product.

3 Koby

Koby looking concerned in One Piece.

One of the most consistent enemies of the Straw Hats is the Marines, and while we see plenty of villainous and corrupt members of this organization, the institution is also shown to include some members trying to do the right thing too. Nothing embodies this more than Koby, whom Luffy saves in the early chapters of One Piece.

The pair split soon after as Koby joined the Marines, and while Koby pops up occasionally to interact with Luffy, we do not get to see much of what Koby is up to outside of his appearances. Getting to control Koby through his marine life and seeing his relationship with characters like Helmeppo and Garp could be incredibly engaging.

2 Shanks

Shanks smiling with the sea on his back in One Piece.

Some of the characters we are introduced to in One Piece end up being some of the most interesting and a great example of this is Shanks. The trajectory of Shanks’ journey and life is still not completely known to fans of One Piece; however, getting to see more of Shanks’ life and his journey with his crew would give fans of the Series a whole new perspective on the world Luffy travels through.

Getting to expand on the abilities of Shanks, whether we start with his youth alongside Buggy, or join with his time-saving Luffy, would mean we are sure to get an interesting story.

1 Robin

Robin resting completely relaxed in One Piece.

All of the members of the Straw Hats have lived interesting lives and have unique abilities, but Nico Robin, the crew’s resident archaeologist, could do with more attention. Nico Robin is shown to have lived a tumultuous life in her time up to joining the Straw Hats, with her being a member of the villainous Baroque Works when we are introduced to her.

Getting a more in-depth look at the different phases of her life, while also controlling her Hana Hana no Mi that allows her to bloom new limbs in the spaces around her, would give a better insight into this member of the crew.

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