Naturo Characters Who Should Have Their Own Video Games

When it comes to recognisable anime and manga series, Naruto always tends to be at the top of the list. The orange ninja is one of the most recognisable figures in the world of anime and manga, and the series has plenty of fans around the world.



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Like any successful shounen manga series, Naruto has received plenty of game adaptations; however, the trap a lot of these series fall into is that they all focus on the main character. While Naruto himself is a great character, the extended cast also has plenty of unique traits and characteristics that could be highlighted in a game that focuses on them. So, which Naruto character most deserves a game?

8 Kiba

naruto kiba and akamaru

One of Naruto’s earliest rivals is Kiba, and while he tends to get overlooked in the series after the time skip, being relegated to occasional background fights, this does not mean that he doesn’t deserve any extra attention. Kiba is a unique character in how he is paired with his dog Akamaru, and this is the foundation of his fighting style as well.

This pair of characters getting the focus in a game could lead to plenty of unique game play opportunities. Getting to follow a story focused on Kiba would let the audience learn more about his personality, as well as see more Shino and Hinata, who he is in a squad with too.

7 Sasuke

Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto

If you overlook Naruto, the other most important character in the series is Sasuke. Sasuke is incredibly important to the overarching narrative of the Naruto series, and his relationship with the main character is part of what makes the story so engaging to follow.

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While we see plenty of what Sasuke is up to throughout the main series, there are also times when we miss out on what he is up to. Getting to see more focus on what Sasuke is doing between his appearances to Naruto would be a great way to add more dimension to the main narrative of the series. Sasuke also has plenty of interesting combat abilities, so getting to control this in more depth would be a lot of fun to play.

6 Ino

naruto ino

Naruto’s contemporaries in Konoha do tend to get overlooked occasionally as the narrative of the series progresses, and a character who is a great example of this is Ino. This is a shame since Ino has a great personality and plenty more depth the audience does not get to see much of throughout the series.

Ino would make an interesting protagonist in a game, with her mind-control techniques that would make her a unique character to play as. Mind-controlling characters have been used in games before, but using Ino for this as an excuse to tell a stealthy story in the Naruto universe would be a great premise for a game.

5 Minato

naruto minato

While the main timeline events of Naruto are what keeps the story progressing, that is not to say that there are not events outside of this that are worth focusing on. A character we could use to get an insight into the time before Naruto is Minato, Naruto’s father and the fourth Hokage.

From what we saw of Minato through flashbacks, he was a character who lived an interesting life with plenty of different phases and ages that could be focused on. Getting to relive the era before Naruto through Minato’s eyes would make an emotional and engaging narrative.

4 Shikamaru

Shikamaru in Naruto

A side character in Naruto that managed to retain a good amount of relevance is Shikamaru. Shikamaru is shown to not fit in too well with his contemporaries, and part of the reason for this is his unique way of thinking and strategic mind. This would make a game starring Shikamaru the perfect excuse to make a strategy game within the Naruto universe.

Having Shikamaru be the lead character would also ensure that you could get full control over his shadow manipulation techniques that make him so unique during a fight. Getting to see more of his teammates, Ino and Choji, would be a great bonus as well.

3 Rock Lee

rock lee naruto

A fan-favourite character throughout Naruto is Rock Lee, with his bright personality and different skill set from other characters. Unlike the rest of the cast in Naruto, Rock Lee struggles to manipulate Chakra, and because of this is only able to fight using Taijutsu.

Having a game in the world of Naruto where you are only able to use Taijutsu would give you a disadvantage, but would also force you to look for opportunities to overcome, just like Rock Lee does throughout the series. On top of this, Lee’s relationship with his teammates Neji and Tenten could use some more screen time, too.

2 Gaara

Naruto - gaara 2

A character in Naruto that gets some of the best development throughout the series is Gaara. He is introduced early on as a student ninja from Sunagakure with his teammates Temari and Kankuro, and throughout his introduction we get to learn more about his youth and why he became the way he is.

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Gaara’s life after his introduction goes through plenty of twists and turns, a lot of which we only hear about in the main narrative of Naruto. Getting to see and play more of Gaara’s experiences first-hand, as well as the other citizens of his village, would be a great opportunity for fans of the series.

1 Itachi And The Akatsuki

naruto itachi

There have been plenty of memorable antagonists throughout the history of Naruto, but perhaps the most iconic are the Akatsuki. This villainous group houses a variety of different members, each with their own personalities, abilities, and motivation.

One of the most interesting characters in the group is Itachi, Sasuke’s older brother, and getting to use him as the focal point would give you a central perspective on the group. Whether you are just playing as Itachi, or the whole group, the potential for an interesting and engaging game is endless.

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