How To Complete The Failure To Communicate Quest In Starfield

Starfield is a massive game with tons of quests to find and complete. While exploring the Settled Systems, you may randomly come across a new quest that brings you to an unexplored planet, filled with new things to discover.



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“Failure to Communicate” is one of these random quests that can appear when jumping to a new system. Mending broken relationships and hunting down Spacers are just two of the things you’ll need to prepare for when heading into this quest. Below, we’ll detail a full walkthrough for this quest, including how to loot the stolen safe at the end.

How To Start The “Failure To Communicate” Quest

The starting location for the “Failure to Communicate” quest is random, and can differ between playthroughs. Because of this, there is no set location where you’ll find this quest. If you’re itching to start this quest, try jumping to new systems until you receive the distress call from Alban Lopez.

Respond To The Distress Call

alban lopez greeting the player with hostility

Once you’ve received the distress call from Alban Lopez, travel to Lopez’s Farm on the specified planet. Again, the location of Lopez’s Farm will differ between playthroughs.

At Lopez’s Farm, speak to Alban, who will ask you to help repair the communication satellites of the four families so that they can get back in touch.

Repair The Communication Satellites

repairing the lopez communication satellite

Travel to the location of the Lopez communication satellite. After arriving here, you’ll be attacked by Spacer ships. Deal with the Spacers, then proceed to the satellite to activate it.

After that, you’ll need to similarly repair the Wen, Banda, and Lemaire communication satellites. They will be found near different moons or planets in the same system as you found the Lopez satellite.

At the Bamda and Lemaire satellites, you’ll encounter Spacer ships that will attack either as you approach the satellite or as soon as you jump to the location. Deal with these enemies then move to the satellite to repair it.

On the other hand, at the Wen satellite, no Spacers will attack, and you can repair it without any trouble.

Persuade Banda And Lemaire To Join The Defense Pact

Alban Lopez, Chanda Banda and Jacquelyn Lemaire discussing a defense pact

After repairing the communication satellites, travel to Lemaire’s ship and board it. Alban wants to form a defense pact between the families to better protect them against the Spacers, so you’ll need to convince Banda and Lemaire to join.

Technically, you’ll only need to get Banda to join the pact, but you can try to persuade Lemaire to join as well. To do so, speak to her until you get the [Persuade] option, then fill up the six persuasion bars to win her over. There are a number of different combinations to do this, but we recommend making a save before speaking to her in case you mess up.

Once you’ve convinced Banda and Lemaire to join, you can now begin your final assault on the Spacers. Before leaving Lemaire’s ship, talk to Alban. You can either request aid from the family’s ships, or tell him you’re fine on your own. If you’re still using the Frontier ship, getting help from the support ships will make the coming battles much more manageable.

Defeat The Spacers

attacking the spaccers on the retrofitted starstation

Now, head to each of the locations specific by Alban and take out the Spacers there. There will be four ships at each location, but with the help of the family’s support ships, this should be no problem. Once you’ve done that, return to Lopez’s Farm and talk to the family.

Your final objective is to travel to the Retrofitted Starstation and kill the Spacers that are using it as their base. While the location of the Retrofitted Starstation is random, the layout inside is not. There are a few tight corridors here and a lot of enemies, so be careful. Take extra caution when moving closer to the enemy, as you may get flanked by someone you didn’t see.

After defeating all the Spacers, talk to Alban at the Starstation to claim your reward and finish “Failure to Communicate”.

Loot The Stolen Safe

stolen safe key for opening the safe in the retrofitted starstation

Before you leave the Retrofitted Starstation, you may want to explore around a bit, as there is a pretty valuable reward here. If you read the logs on the computer in the command room, you will learn that the Spacers stole a safe that they have stored in the old storage room on the floor below, and that the key for said safe is always kept in the room with the computer.

Turn around and grab the stolen safe key, then head downstairs and find the safe. Opening each of these containers will reward you with a ton of credits, ammo, and some decent pieces of equipment. While this small puzzle isn’t technically related to the “Failure to Communicate” quest, it’s definitely worth picking up these rewards while you’re here.

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