The 7 Best Weapons, Ranked

Starfield is about many things. At its heart, it’s about humanity striving to reach the stars, to leave our mark on the wider galaxy, to achieve what has yet to be achieved. But humanity has never been a docile species. And so, lo and behold, Starfield is often about blasting holes through bad guys with really big guns.



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Really big guns aren’t the only great weapons, of course. There are merely big guns, fairly small guns, really small guns, terrifying blades, and more. Here are our favorites as of a few weeks into Starfield’s monumental launch.

7 Keelhauler

Keelhauler Starfield Gun

Getting the Keelhauler means making it into the Crimson Fleet, which in turn means either committing a crime and getting a second chance as an undercover spy… or agreeing to the spy gig fully of your own volition midway through the UC Vanguard quests. We love it for its dramatic red paint job and overall take-no-prisoners appearance.

But that fire rate and physical damage per hit means the Keelhauler will stop plenty of things in their tracks. Its fully automatic nature only boosts the Keelhauler’s natural speed, and that small chance to inflict frenzy status can be surprisingly handy when you’re up against a bunch of hostile alien wildlife.

6 Experiment A-7

Experiment A-7 Rifle Starfield

If we were gearing up Ellen Ripley from the Aliens franchise for a tour of Starfield’s most hostile worlds, we’d give her the Experiment A-7 shotgun and never think twice. Its shots hit for 131 damage apiece, and it does 30 percent more to aliens – see where we’re going? You’ll want this thing at your side for everything from Terrormorphs to those six-legged fiends.

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You’ll need to pass a persuasion check against a fellow named Ethan during the main quest ‘Entangled’, and boy, howdy, you might want to reload your file if you don’t get this gun.

5 Elemental Bridger

Elemental Bridger Heavy Weapon Starfield

You can find Bridgers rarely – or should we say legendarily? – in your Starfield looting exploits, but when we found this particular setup, we quickly fell in love. The Elemental Bridger combines solid range and high damage with a chance of inflicting a smorgasbord of separate added-damage effects. It’s hardly the most accurate weapon, but that also means you’re likelier to hit limbs than heads – which tees up nicely with the 30 percent damage boost.

4 Deadeye

Deadeye Starfield

Like the Keelhauler, a big part of the Deadeye’s appeal is in its design. Joining the Freestar Rangers quickly earns you this incredibly fancy pistol, and it’s got room for four more mods whilst having prioritized four great ones with the space that’s already eaten up. It’s lightweight, yet boasts excellent stopping power courtesy of Penetrator Rounds.

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Deadeye’s the type of gun you spring in front of aggressive patrons in a bar duel. If we’re permitted to call one weapon on this list sexy, here we are.

3 Unmitigated Violence

Unmitigated Violence Starfield

There’s a lot to admire about Unmitigated Violence. Er, perhaps that’s not the best phrasing, but you get the idea. You won’t earn it until very late in the main story, and then only if you battle a particular foe known as the Hunter. (Talking them down won’t net you this reward. Unmitigated violence is the best approach, indeed.)

An exhaustive list of helpful mods secures the weapon as Starfield’s best laser rifle by far, but it’s the ‘Instigating’ trait that makes this thing soar. Consider that it hits for 125 damage with a range of 52. Now, factor in that the first shot to hit your mark does double damage. 250 isn’t just a wakeup call to unaware spacers and zealots. Sometimes, it’s flat-out all it’s going to take to put an end to the opposition.

2 The Last Priest

Last Priest Starfield Va'ruun Melee

If melee combat is your bread and butter, consider the Last Priest the best bread and butter you’ve ever tasted. Every slash deals 90 damage, and it’s got that aforementioned fantastic elemental twist that offers up a chance cocktail of added-damage perks. The Last Priest can only be yours if you do the bidding of a late-game character called the Hunter, though if you can pass a steep persuasion check, it’ll still be your reward.

There’s no weapon in Starfield better suited for those who like to get up close and personal. Even if that’s not your style, consider that your enemies won’t always give you a choice in the matter, so keep this blade favorited for unexpected encounters.

1 Magshot

Modified Magshot Gun Starfield

Once you’ve downed formidable, boss-like foes in a few quick blasts with a well-modified Magshot, you’ll be tempted never to use anything else again. Maybe don’t do that – the Magshot’s ammo isn’t the most plentiful – but definitely whip this out when needed. If you can find a Furious Magshot, and boost the fire rate to something outstanding like we’ve got in our above image of a Modified Calibrated Magshot, you’re going to tear through virtually everything in Starfield.

You’ll want a specialized variant to really make the Magshot shine, but once you’re equipped with something savvy, you’re equipped with the best gun in the game.

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