Best Halloween Disney Squishmallows And Plushes In 2023

Don’t give gifts to your loved ones for Halloween? It’s time to change that. Yes, I know by the time Halloween is over Christmas season is in full swing for a lot of people, but for a lot of others, the spookiest holiday of the year is the superior one. It’s also far more acceptable, almost encouraged, to theme the gifts you give at Halloween around the holiday, something that is not necessarily the same for Christmas. Give me something with a pumpkin on at Halloween, I’m over the moon. Something with Santa on two months later, not so much.



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Now that’s out of the way and I’ve convinced you Halloween should be a gift-giving season too, time to figure out what those gifts are going to be. Below is a selection of officially licensed Disney plushes and squishmallows that would make perfect presents this Halloween. Whether they be gifts for others or for yourself, or items you can use to decorate your house for a party or trick-or-treaters. I’ve tried to incorporate something for everyone below but be warned, The Nightmare Before Christmas will feature heavily. Hey, it’s an incredibly popular Disney Halloween movie, so pretty much unavoidable when it comes to something like this.

Best Halloween Disney Squishmallows And Plushes

nightmare before christmas oogie boogie squishmallow
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The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Squishmallow

Well, Well, Well, What Have We Here?

Oogie Boogie, the iconic villain who is too evil to even be welcomed into Halloween Town, is officially a squishmallow. You might think someone like Oogie Boogie could never be turned into something you want to cuddle at night, but looks like that’s where you’re wrong.


  • Turns a terrifying villain into an adorable squishmallow
  • The villain from Halloween Town is about as Halloween as it gets

  • Was he green? I don’t remember Oogie Boogie being green

Yes, we’re starting things with The Nightmare Before Christmas since Disney’s most famous Halloween movie will be appearing a lot throughout this guide. As for which Nightmare Before Christmas character gets top billing, that honor goes to Oogie Boogie for a couple of reasons. Not only because he’s the main villain in a Halloween movie set in a fictional place called Halloween Town, but also because as scary as Oogie Boogie is, he’s just a sack stuffed with worms. Don’t worry, the squishmallow version hasn’t been created using the same recipe, but the character’s shape and consistency make him the perfect squishmallow.

stitch plush dressed as a spider
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Stitch Halloween Plush

Stitch Not Bad, Stitch Fluffy

Stitch from Lilo & Stitch really left a lasting impression on Disney fans. The little alien didn’t celebrate Halloween in the original movie, but he clearly did at some point as this plush implies he dressed as a spider and looked good doing it.


  • Keeping the Stitch name alive
  • An alien combined with a spider is cute somehow

  • Not enough legs to be a spider

Lilo & Stitch is one of those Disney movies that wasn’t an instant, groundbreaking classic, but decades later its legacy endures because a lot of us who were the right age at the right time when it hit cinemas continue to hold a special place in our hearts for it. The introduction of Stitch is the biggest reason for that. An adorable little alien who has defied the odds and been made even more adorable by Disney for Halloween. Stitch’s latest plush puts him in a spider costume. Well, I’m assuming it’s a spider costume. There’s a spiderweb right there on his tummy, but the plush seems to be missing a couple of legs.

vampire mickey mouse squishmallow
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Vampire Mickey Mouse Squishmallow

He’s Out For Blood, But In A Cute, Squishy Way

Having been around for pretty much 100 years, Mickey Mouse has taken some very different forms over the years. However, nothing has struck the cute/spooky balance with Disney’s main mascot quite like this squishmallow which turns Mickey into an adorable vampire.


  • Disney’s leading man has been given a spooky and squishy makeover
  • Any Disney soft toy collection needs at least one Mickey

  • Mickey isn’t stereotypically the squishiest Disney character

There are quite literally hundreds of Disney characters spanning an entire century of movies, shows, and other media. That Mickey Mouse has stood the test of time and remained Disney’s mascot for that entire run just goes to show the mouse has incredible longevity. Mickey has also sported a lot of different looks over the years, and for this Halloween, he’s dressing as a vampire. I’m not exactly a Mickey Mouse historian, so I couldn’t tell you if or when Mickey has been a villain. Since it’s hard to look evil as a squishmallow, his vampire cosplay comes across as little more than an act, and I mean that in a good way.

the three witch sisters from hocus pocus as plushes
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Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Plush Set


Hocus Pocus introduced three witches to Disney fans in 1993 and the trio has remained so well-loved for 30 years that not only did the movie recently get a sequel, but also a set turning the sisters into officially licensed plushes.


  • How does the Winifred plush look so damn realistic?
  • All three plushes are included in the set, no need to buy separately
  • Accessories also included

  • Might get all three, but the price really reflects that

The Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t the only Halloween movie on Disney’s books. It also has Hocus Pocus which hit the big screen in the very same year. Yeah, Disney really leaned into its spookier side in 1993. Although it doesn’t have quite the hold over Disney fans as Jack Skellington’s story, Hocus Pocus has still remained popular enough that it warranted a sequel in 2022. Clearly the sequel did well as Disney has now turned the movie’s three sisters into a neat little plush set. Perfect for fans of the movies, the Hocus Pocus set also gives the witch sisters the brooms and vacuum cleaners they ride on.

disney's maleficant as a squishmallow
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Disney’s Maleficent Squishmallow

The Mistress Of All Evil

You might think Maleficent is an odd choice for a squishmallow, but the iconic Sleeping Beauty villain might well prove just about any Disney character can be one. The evil fairy who sent Aurora into an eternal slumber who is so key to Disney’s world, she now has two movies of her very own.


  • The perfect villainous squishmallow for your Disney Halloween collection
  • Very affordable compared to some other licensed squishmallows

  • May be so comfy that you fall into an eternal slumber. Sleeping Beauty 2, anyone?

This guide isn’t all about Halloween movies and regular old Disney characters dressed for the occasion. Some iconic Disney villains have been turned into plushes and squishmallows too, and few are more iconic than Maleficent. A Disney character for more than 50 years, Maleficent’s first appearance came in 1969’s Sleeping Beauty. The evil fairy that put Aurora to sleep. Getting a couple of movies of her own more recently, Maleficent now has her very own squishmallow. Just as soft and squishy as any other squishmallow on the market despite her horns, Maleficent’s smaller and softer alter ego will fit right in with the rest of your Halloween decor.

the nightmare before christmas zero plush
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The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Plush

Ghost dog, GHOST DOG!

Zero is Jack Skellington’s canine best friend in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Floating around Halloween Town with a big smile on his face, the ghostly dog has been transformed into an officially licensed Disney plush.


  • Disney’s best dog as your very own plush
  • Has a little pumpkin as a nose

  • Doesn’t actually float
  • Beware unofficial, lower quality imitations

There have been countless dogs and puppies throughout Disney’s history. One movie has 101 of them. However, my favorite Disney pup will forever and always be Zero. The ghostly dog that follows Jack Skellington around Halloween Town in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Turned into a plush, the ghost dog and his little pumpkin nose make for the perfect Halloween soft toy. Speaking of which, did you know Zero’s nose is a jack-o-lantern? I didn’t, and a quick Google search proves I wasn’t the only one. In the movie, Zero’s nose looks like a red bulb akin to Rudolph’s. The pup’s plush has revealed to me, and many others, that it was a pumpkin all along, just when I thought there was no way I could love Zero more than I already did.

the nightmare before christmas sally squishmallow
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The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Squishmallow

This Is Halloween

Pretty much all of The Nightmare Before Christmas’s main characters have already been turned into squishmallows. That includes Sally, the Halloween Disney movie’s leading lady.


  • No arms and legs for you to stitch back on whenever they fall off
  • Very colorful for a Halloween-themed squishmallow

  • Could get expensive as you’ll need Jack and Zero squishmallows to match

I did say The Nightmare Before Christmas would feature heavily and well, here we are again. A lot of the Disney movie’s characters have been given the squishmallow treatment, and that includes Sally. Effectively a plush brought to life in the movie, turning Sally into a squishmallow was an easy and short leap to make. The biggest bonus of Sally’s squishmallow is just like most others, it doesn’t have limbs. Sally had a problem with her arms falling off and needing to be stitched back on in the movie but with this toy, that’s a non-issue.


What Is The Rarest Halloween Squishmallow?

The rarest Hallowen squishmallow may well be the rarest squishmallow full stop, spooky holiday or otherwise. Jack the Black Cat. Only 500 of them were ever made, so if you have one, you’re incredibly lucky. If you want one, it’s probably going to cost you a lot of money.

What Is The World’s Smallest Squishmallow?

While squishmallows are available in a variety of sizes, those sizes are effectively categories. That means there isn’t one particular squishmallow that is smaller than the rest. However, the smallest variety of squishmallows are the 3.5-inch ones designed to be clipped onto bags or anywhere else you might want to clip them.

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