Samuel James Borgert: Touch Rugby League identity jailed for sexual relationship with young girl

A court has been told of the disturbing acts a Touch Rugby League identity and legal firm employee performed on a girl some seven years younger than him, including how they would have sex at “any chance they could get”.

Samuel James Borgert kept his eyes closed and head down, only occasionally glimpsing up as he was sentenced for the disgraceful sexual offending against the young girl some seven years ago.

The girl was just 13 when Borgert, now 30, began a sexual relationship with her.

Brisbane District Court was told he befriended her years before while she was in primary school.

“The complainant considered (Borgert) a really good friend,” Crown prosecutor Brendan White said.

The pair began talking over social media in 2014.

Mr White said their two-year relationship involved Borgert sexually assaulting her, kissing her with an open mouth and taking her clothes off.

“She believed she was in a relationship with the defendant,” Mr White said.

Borgert would have sex with the girl almost every night, with Mr White telling the court the frequency was “any chance they could get”.

The relationship ended in 2017 when she was 16.

In her victim impact statement, the girl spoke of how her views of men and the future had been profoundly impacted because of Borgert’s actions.

Borgert, who pleaded guilty to a single count of maintaining an unlawful relationship with a child under 16, was supported by his family in the back of the court.

“It’s had a profound effect on her relationship with her family, her schooling,” District Court Judge Amanda McDonnell said.

“There is no doubt offending of this nature significantly impacts the children involved.”

The court was told Borgert had an “immature” personality at the time and “inappropriately” considered the girl to be his girlfriend at the time of the offending.

He had since stabilised with the support of his current girlfriend.

The court was told Borgert grew up in a loving home but was adversely affected when a close friend took his own life in school – filling him with an “enormous” amount of guilt.

Defence barrister Gary Churchill said his client held work in various radio positions and was still working as a relationships manager at a legal firm.

Borgert was a prominent figure in Brisbane’s Touch Rugby League (TRL) circles as both a player and venue manager before the charges were laid.

He has since been banned from administrative roles but was still able to play.

Mr Churchill said Borgert’s offending did not involve manipulation or the use of coercion through alcohol or drugs.

But Judge McDonnell said a term of imprisonment was appropriate for Borgert due to the breach of trust allowing him to befriend the young girl.

“It enabled you to develop a relationship with her when she was older,” she said.

Borgert received a term of 3.5 years jail, suspended after serving 12 months.

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