How To Save Rolan From The Shadows In BG3

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, Rolan, the tiefling wizard, is a consistent presence across the game’s acts, starting as a background character in the Hollow to a figure involved in various fights and events of Act Two. Rolan’s arc is rife with danger, from his involvement in the siege of Last Light Inn to his perilous encounters with the shadows of the Ravaged Battlefield.



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Given his later special interaction in Act Three during the Lorroakan questline, you may want to try to keep him alive despite his recklessness. However, a simple mistake can easily cost him his life. This guide will outline how to navigate the shadow-cursed terrains and ensure Rolan’s safety.

How To Unlock Find Rolan In The Shadows

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player rescuing Rolan from some shadows

Rolan is first found in The Hollow of the Emerald Grove, arguing with his siblings about staying to help the tiefling refugees. You’ll be able to make a Persuasion check to convince him to do the right thing and stay.

When Act Two begins, if you managed to convince Rolan and his siblings to help defend against the goblin raiders, Rolan can be found at the Last Light Inn. He’s somehow grumpier than before—though for good reason: to escape the cultists of the Absolute, his siblings sacrificed themselves to distract the cultists while he protected the other refugees.

He’ll join the fight when the forces of the Absolute attack the Last Light Inn, but that will be the last straw for Rolan. Shortly after this, he’ll try to launch a solo attack on the Moonrise Towers to rescue his siblings.

Of course, this goes about as well as you’d imagine, and you’ll find Rolan in dire need of rescue to the south of Last Light Inn.

If you progress too far in the game without rescuing him from the attacking shadows, Rolan will die and be removed from the rest of the story. Be sure to get there as quickly as you can!

If you play the hero a little too well and end up escorting his siblings back to Last Light Inn before encountering Rolan in the shadows, you’ll find a note that he’s left behind detailing his plan to attack Moonrise Towers alone. His siblings will ask you to look for Rolan, and this will give you the quest ‘Find Rolan in the Shadows‘.

A detailed explanation of how to find and free his siblings can be found in our guide about rescuing all the prisoners in Moonrise Towers.

Where To Find Rolan In The Shadow-Cursed Lands

Baldur's Gate 3 - Rolan In The Shadow-Cursed Lands-1

You can find Rolan wrangling with some shadows to the northeast of Moonrise Towers (X:-57, Y: -115, directly east of the Moonrise Towers Waypoint), on the other side of the broken bridge leading to the towers themselves. Once you get close enough, initiative will start.

Rolan can start the fight with the shadows at dangerously low health if he was hurt at Last Light Inn and not healed up.

This can lead to him dying before you can even make it into initiative. Make sure to spare him a healing spell or potion if he gets hit one too many times!

During the fight, you’ll want to get into melee range so that the shadows target you instead of Rolan. As there are only two shadows, it should be a relatively quick fight compared to what you’ve had to deal with so far in the game.

Make sure to save the game before approaching, just in case Rolan gets targeted and dies to the shadows.

After saving Rolan’s life, he’ll begrudgingly return to the Last Light Inn. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to rescue his siblings for him (along with Wulbren and the Iron Hand gnomes) and witness an almost-tearful reunion at the inn.

If Rolan starts the fight too low on health and continually dies too quickly, you can also snipe the shadows from across the shore (southeast of the Tollhouse) before they start attacking.

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