Plane passenger puts carry-on in pants to avoid baggage fees

A woman has taken a rather unique approach to avoid paying baggage fees at the airport.

Shewana McGee, from Alabama in the US, shared a now-viral clip of her hilarious act to TikTok, revealing she used her backside to avoid pesky charges.

The passenger was about to board a Frontier Airlines plane — a budget US carrier — when she was told her carry-on was too big.

So instead of paying the $US60 ($A95) the airline charges, she decided to stash her bag in her pants, labelling it the “Brazilian butt lift (BBL) hack”.

“When you’re flying Frontier and they say your personal bag is too big,” she captioned the clip, before disguising her backpack as an oversized booty.

She then offered viewers several close-up shots of her “hack”, which showed the bag tucked into her pants to create the illusion of a surgically enhanced bottom.

Shewana then tied a denim jacket around her waist to mask the lumps and bumps created by the carry-on.

The clip has been viewed almost one million times, with TikTokers bombarding the comments section asking if she got away with her “clever” disguise.

“I’m hollering! I bet they didn’t even question it,” one person wrote alongside several laughing emojis.

Shewana responded with a simple, “Nope” also adding laughing emojis.

Others also thought her “hack” was hilarious, with many describing it as “genius” and “iconic”.

“LMFAOOOOOOO Yoooo you won the internet today,” one person wrote.

“Girl I’m cracking up at this,” wrote another, while a third added, “I’m screaming!!!!”

Others revealed they took an empty zipper pillow case on flights “just in case”.

“And if I need I just packed stuffs in there and take with me on the flight (sic),” one traveller wrote.

The ‘airport pillow hack’ went viral on TikTok late last year after passengers shared clips stuffing pillow cases with clothes.

One passenger, whose clip has been viewed a huge 25.1 million times, described it as the “best travel hack ever”.

However, not everyone was impressed, with some describing it as “embarrassing”.

“Nah I’d rather pay the extra weight and save myself the embarrassment if caught,” one TikTok user wrote.

“These pillow hacks will soon be seen by airlines and they will start checking them,” one said, while another added: “If all passengers do the same thing I think the plane will be overloaded and risk your flight. Be safe mate.”

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requires the pilot in command to ensure aircraft weight and balance are not exceeded by using standard weight calculations. Standard weight is the sum of passengers, crew and carry-on baggage and in CASA’s Manual of Standards, the weight for carry-on baggage is set at 7kg per passenger.

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