What caused mum’s fatal 50 metre fall at McKenzie’s lookout in NSW

A woman was walking with friends and family at a popular lookout in NSW when she tragically slipped and fell 50 metres to her death, it has been revealed.

The horror accident took place on Monday at McKenzie’s lookout near Nowra in the Shoalhaven region, about a 2.5 hour drive south of Sydney.

The woman was walking with her son, father and friends along the McKenzie’s Saddle Walking Track located in the Moreton State Conservation Area near Buangla when she fell 50 metres to her death.

Police now believe she slipped or tripped while standing near the edge of the cliff.

“This unfortunately is a case where she’s gone to the edge and tripped and fallen, slid and fallen or lost her balance and has gone over the edge,” Inspector Paul Hoyer told 7News.

“At one stage, she was there with the witnesses, just walking along, then all of a sudden she’s gone over the edge.”

Insp Hoyer revealed the unfortunate incident was witnessed by the woman’s father, her son and her friends.

Police Rescue and a Toll Helicopter were dispatched after calls were made to emergency services about midday — and at around 5pm, the body of the woman was found below the remote lookout.

The “hidden lookout” has been described as having “breathtaking views” — but authorities have warned of the dangers, asking visitors to be mindful of their surroundings.

“Whether it be swimming at the beach or near the rocks, walking through a national park, walking through state forest, there’s an inherent risk at these locations that you’ve got to be mindful of,” Insp Hoyer told 7News.

In 2019, a 13-year-old boy fell to his death in front of three others at the south coastlookout.

He slipped and fell on Old Burrier Road, near McKenzie’s Lookout with police describing the incident as a “misadventure”.

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