The Best Ballistic Weapons In Starfield

There are numerous weapon options at your disposal in Starfield. You could be a fan of handguns, or you could fancy rifles. You may like laser weapons or the all-powerful particle beam weapons. Whatever build, style, preference, or roleplay storyline you’ve got going on, there’s a weapon set for you in the Settled Systems.



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For instance, if you’re a massive fan of the more destructive approach and want to deal as much physical damage to your targets as possible, regardless of their armor, then ballistic weapons are the way to go. The ballistic weapons category is Starfield’s most stacked weapon category, so finding the right one might be challenging. Here are some of the best ones in the game.

8 Vampire’s Gift

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Vampire’s Gift Ballistic Rifle

The Vampire’s Gift rifle is more than just a creepy named weapon; it has much to offer. Although its 20 physical damage and 21 range are the lowest you will find on any weapon on this list, it more than makes up for it in other areas.

It has an overwhelming fire rate of 120, a magazine capacity of 66 rounds, and a massive accuracy percentage of 75.3 percent. However, the most exciting thing about this weapon is the med theft rate effect, which increases the chance for human foes to drop extra med packs after they die. This is a highly advantageous feature, especially in those heated, fun fights where you’re being accosted by hostiles on all sides.

7 Trickshot

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Trickshot Pistol On The Inventory Screen

The Trickshot is a magnificent ballistic handgun with stats that can rival most rifles, shotguns, and some of the best heavy weapons. The Trickshot can deal 74 physical damage per hit from a range of 30.

It has a fire rate of 34 but also an extremely limited magazine capacity of six rounds. The trickshot is incredibly accurate and hits your targets 63.6 percent of the time if aimed and fired correctly. Most importantly, the trickshot pistol has a rare effect that fires two rounds simultaneously after every four shots, making it one of the best handguns in the Settler Systems.

6 Boom Boom

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Boom Boom Shotgun

The Boom Boom is a devastating shotgun that deals 99 physical damage with each shot. This weapon’s destructive capabilities, among other things, make it one of the best shotguns available in Starfield.

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Because it is a shotgun, the boom boom has a limited range of 60 and an unimpressive accuracy percentage of 43.3 percent. However, the Boom Boom’s fire rate of 60, magazine capacity of 20 rounds, and its rare effect that randomly switches to explosive rounds more than make up for the areas it is lacking.

5 Peacemaker

The Peacemaker Rifle on the inspection screen in Starfield.

The Peacemaker is easily one of the best rifles in the Settled Systems. It has a range of 44, a fire rate of 12, and a magazine capacity of six, which are not impressive stats by the standards of some of the other entries on this list.

However, the Peacemaker also has an accuracy percentage of 82.1 percent, one of the highest of any weapon in the game. It also deals devastating 112 physical damage with each shot. The accuracy and high damage per hit are impressive enough. Still, the Peacemaker also has a rare effect that increases your attack speed by 25 percent, making it one of the most dangerous weapons in Starfield.

4 Experiment A-7

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Experiment A-7 Shotgun

Experiment A-7 is a top-tier shotgun that will significantly improve your chances in battle scenarios if you acquired it. The weapon has a range of 20 and a fire rate of ten with a magazine capacity of six, which aren’t great stats but expected from a shotgun.

The weapon also has an accuracy percentage of 50.6 percent, one of the highest for any shotgun in the settler systems. Experiment A-7 also boasts a whopping 119 physical damage per hit and a rare effect that deals 30 percent extra damage against alien targets, which could come in handy if you find yourself crossing paths with dangerous alien wildlife.

3 The Last Breath

Starfield, Screenshot Of The The Last Breath Ballistic Rifle

The Last Breath is a fantastic ballistic sniper rifle in the Settled Systems, and it has some of the best stats of any weapon in Starfield. The weapon has a fire rate of 25 and a magazine capacity of five rounds.

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This weapon can hit targets from a range of up to 120, making it one of the most impressive ranged weapons in the game. It has an accuracy of 83.80 percent, one of the highest in the game, and can deal 139 physical damage with each shot. The Last Breath also has a rare effect called oxygenated, which increases your hold-breath time while using the scope, making your accuracy even more impressive and your shots even more deadly.

2 Magsniper

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Magsniper Ballistic Rifle

The Magsniper has a fire rate of 12, a range of 100, and a magazine capacity of 12, which already puts it in contention for the title of best weapon in the Settled Systems.

However, once you factor in the rifle’s 86.1 percent accuracy and 268 physical damage per shot stats, some of the highest you can find on any weapon in the Settled Systems, you realize that this weapon is in a league on its own. Despite not having any rare or legendary effects and only having six available mod slots, the Magsniper is easily one of the best ballistic weapons in Starfield.

1 Avatar

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Avatar Ballistic Rifle

The Avatar is undoubtedly one of the deadliest weapons in all Settled Systems. It has a fire rate of 19, a magazine capacity of 20, and can hit targets from a range of 100. This weapon has an accuracy percentage of 83.4 percent, and its 256 physical damage is one of the highest in the game.

Added to those impressive stats is the avatar rifle’s rare elemental effect, which randomly deals corrosive, poison, radiation, and incendiary damage on your targets. All these stats and effects, as well as seven mod slots with which you can enhance it, make the Avatar rifle the best ballistic weapon in Starfield’s Settled Systems.

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