How To Make Rope In Sunkenland

To survive in Sunkenland, you should activate your instincts; otherwise, you could confront a formidable defeat against nature. You have to fight not only the harsh natural conditions but also the enemies on the surrounding islands. Therefore, it is essential to remain prepared for potential dangers and possess tools that can be utilized in difficult situations.



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Rope stands out as one of the most valuable materials, serving the purpose of connecting various objects. It can be utilized in crafting a multitude of tools, including axes and bows. Let’s examine how to make rope and initiate your evolution in the wild.

Sunkenland is an early access game. Note that development is still ongoing, so things may change.

How To Make Rope

Crafting rope in Sunkenland

You usually can’t find a ready-made rope around, so you must use your crafting skills. 3 Cloths are required to make this item; the most important thing is to find the required raw material.

In brief, to craft rope, your first step is to find cloth through environmental research.

Obtaining cloth in the game is a matter of luck; it doesn’t have a specific location. To do this, you need to take a look at all the items in the area that can be looted, such as washing machines, furniture, and toolboxes. Additionally, you can also get cloth by looting defeated enemies.

Don’t think of this as a waste of time, because while you are searching for the necessary raw material, you will have the chance to add many items to your inventory that will meet your needs in the future.

For instance, in the game’s early stages, you’ll only have a stone hatchet that gives +22 damage to the enemy. That’s why, you should avoid enemies with firearms and focus on those with primitive weapons.

You will have two crafting menus in the game. While the first one is used for simpler things, the latter is preferred for more complex structures. When you obtain the required materials for the rope, you need to open your Inventory and use the crafting menu for Simple Crafting. Click on the fourth row of crafting options on the left.

The first material you’ll see here is rope. You will also see how many pieces of cloth you have collected to make this material. If everything is ready, you can make your first rope by clicking on the “Craft” option.

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