How To Get The Abacus Ring In Sea Of Stars

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As you begin adventuring in Sea of Stars, you may notice that you aren’t able to see enemy health points. This ability is essential in any RPG game as it helps you to plan your best strategic approach in battle.



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But fear not! There is a way to gain this ability in Sea of Stars, and it comes by way of the Abacus Ring. Thankfully, you’ll find this early in your adventures, so you won’t be blind for long. If, somehow, you missed it and have already progressed past the beginning, this is another way to get the ring.

First Location Of The Abacus Ring

screenshot of Sea of Stars heroes on path to Abacus Ring

There are two locations in Sea of Stars where you can find the Abacus ring, and thankfully, both are easy to get to. The first is very early in the game, shortly after Zale and Valere have left Zenith Academy and Garl joins your party.

You’ll find your heroes relaxing by a cozy campfire. Once you’re ready to venture forth, walk up the path above. Before climbing up the rock wall to the right, go left and head inside the cave.

screenshot in Sea of Stars of battle with luslugs and chest with Abacus Ring

You will be greeted by two Luslugs ready for a fight. These should be rather simple to dispatch, especially with Garl now on your team. Once the battle is done, climb up to the top ledge and open the chest to find the Abacus Ring.

Alternate Location Of The Abacus Ring

screenshots in Sea of Stars of merchant that sells Abacus Ring

If you missed picking up the ring before or would just like an extra one, you can buy an Abacus Ring from the merchant in the Stonemasons Outpost for the low price of 36G after you make it through the Moorlands.

The Abacus Ring enables you to only see non-boss HP, so you won’t see the HP of the big bosses (like the Elder Mist). Additionally, the ring only needs to be worn by one member of the party for the enemy’s HP to show.

Now that you have the Abacus Ring, one way or another, enjoy being able to see many of your enemies’ health in future battles.

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