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Like time and space, Doctor Who is about The Doctor and their companions. Oftentimes, The Doctor’s different eras are only half as good as the companions that they adventure with. Sometimes they’re around to witness all space and time, others time they manage to save The Doctor’s life. Oftentimes, they get to do both. The Doctor has lived a long while and so of course they’ve had many companions, there are some that are more memorable than others.



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For the sake of this list, we’re only counting companions who were with The Doctor for numerous episodes, even if it was on and off. Whether it’s because of their connection to The Doctor, their attitude to adventure or the arc that they underwent, these are some of Doctor Who’s best companions throughout the years.

10 Wilfred Mott

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Wilfred has been a fan favourite companion ever since his debut. Initially introduced as the grandfather of Donna Noble, he got a lot more development throughout Season 4 and the End of Time two-parter. Wilfred had an innate fascination with space and encouraged Donna to go and travel with The Doctor, even celebrating when he saw the pair had reunited and were waving at him from the TARDIS.

His emotional connection with the Tenth Doctor and great care for Donna was what endeared fans to him, and he’s only ranked so low because he truly doesn’t get to be in a season with The Doctor or even enough episodes. Either way, his stay was short, but his impact was great.

9 Clara Oswald

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When Clara Oswald came on screen for the first time, it was as a confident and silver-tongued survivor in a prison planet for the Daleks. The twist at the end that she had actually been converted was heartbreaking, but it also made her subsequent appearance in the next Christmas special as the same character even more strange.

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Unfortunately, whilst Clara’s introduction seemed great, her arc as the person who saves The Doctor was a little too overambitious. However, her friendship with the 12th Doctor and further development was great to watch, making her exit from the show heart-wrenching.

8 Romana

Romana staring into the distance as the TARDIS and a fire is in the background

Usually when Doctor Who introduces companions, they tend to have the formula of being a twenty-something woman from modern-day Earth. Romana was different as she was not only a Time Lord but a companion and one who has two incarnations due to regenerating. Although she’s initially judgemental of The Doctor, the two eventually develop a close bond with Romana even becoming more humourous and light like the Fourth Doctor.

Although she didn’t get to stay that long with The Doctor, she was still a fascinating character and a much-needed breath of fresh air compared to the constant slew of human companions that can get repetitive.

7 Rose Tyler

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When Doctor Who returned on air in 2005, it had a lot to prove. It had to somehow reintroduce old fans to a new Doctor, introduce a new companion and have a fun and well-written first adventure. It did just that with the appropriately titled first episode named after new companion, Rose.

Rose Tyler has quickly become one of the most popular love interests for The Doctor and had one of the best dynamics with the Ninth Doctor especially, complimenting his excitable and adventurous spirit. She soon developed from lost young adult to a fierce soldier and defender of Earth.

6 Ace

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Classic companions can be hard to remember, but Ace is one who is hard to forget. She’s among one of the youngest companions as a 16-year-old teenager who travelled with the Seventh Doctor. She was rebellious, fierce and one of the most fiery companions to date who was not gonna let The Doctor shut her down.

But underneath it all she was a traumatised teenager who learned to grow and let her guard down whilst also becoming one of the most helpful and active companions to travel with The Doctor.

5 Amy And Rory

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It’s sort of cheating to have two companions listed together, but when it comes to Amy and Rory, they often come as a package. The couple ended up travelling with The Eleventh Doctor and although had very different views on him at first, with Amy loving him and Rory being reluctant towards The Doctor, they soon became a family.

Amy and Rory are known for their great love for one another, and the ups and downs of their relationship tend to be chronicled through The Doctor’s adventures, and they even depart together, getting a bittersweet ending after years of adventure.

4 The Brigadier

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Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart was an on-and-off companion of numerous incarnations of The Doctor. Instead of travelling with The Doctor concurrently in the TARDIS, he was often shown as the head of UNIT and helping The Doctor deal with alien threats while on Earth.

Although he may not be the typical companion, he has had a vast impact on the series with the introduction of his daughter Kate, his numerous appearances in spin-off audio dramas and how much he’s helped the Doctor throughout his lifetime.

3 Donna Noble

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Ask any fan of Doctor Who about their favourite companion and Donna Noble is surely a popular choice. Unlike most other companions, Donna was not afraid to step up to The Doctor and make sure that she gave the world a piece of her mind. Ultimately she developed into being able to see her worth, but it seemed to come too late as her adventures with The Doctor ended up being wiped from her mind.

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Her adventures with The Doctor were unique, well written and showed Donna at her best as a hard-headed and great companion.

2 Martha Jones

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When it comes to underrated companions, Martha Jones is at the top of the list. She is a medical student who is hard-working, tenacious, brave and becomes The Doctor’s first black companion which opens up a lot of questions especially when it relates to her going back in time. Throughout her tenure with the Tenth Doctor, she was subjected to racism, near-death experiences and her family even being held prisoner by the Master.

But she almost single-handedly travels the world whilst being hunted down and manages to enact a plan that helps The Doctor stop The Master’s plan and save Earth from his reign. That alone puts her above most other companions and shows just what a tenacious person she is.

1 Sarah Jane Smith

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Sarah Jane Smith is The Doctor’s perfect companion. Having travelled with the Fourth Doctor, she quickly became a fan favourite, working as a journalist who was willing to do anything to get to the bottom of a situation. She eventually was left behind on Earth by The Doctor only to return when the series was back on air, meeting the Tenth Doctor and getting her own spin-off show.

Sarah Jane was smart, loyal and incredibly compassionate, being an outstanding model for any kind of person who wishes to travel with The Doctor and for that alone she ranks as the best companion of them all.

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