8 Skippable Fights In Baldur’s Gate 3

From wiping out goblin camps to joining a war against gods, Baldur’s Gate 3 shows no mercy in its combat. Whether you fight with a blade, a bow, or rely on spells to defeat your enemies, Baldur’s Gate gives little rest during the war to defend Faerûn.



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With that being said, it’s a nice change to find out you can use your charm and wit to talk your way out of a dangerous battle. From persuading creatures from the hells to intimidating a group of goblins, there are lots of unnecessary fights you can avoid to make your travels easier.

8 Gnolls – Act One

Baldur's Gate 3 gnoll in act one

Act One is all about exploring the wilderness of Faerun and introducing yourself to the abundance of creatures you stumble across. Unfortunately, some of these creatures aren’t friendly, and you’ll quickly find yourself caught up in a fight you never wanted.

When wandering, you’ll find a group of gnolls surrounding the mouth of a cave with two people inside. Upon arrival, the gnolls will attack, but the leader will eventually engage you in conversation. If you manage to pass a few persuasion checks, with the help of an uninvited tadpole, you can convince the lead gnoll to turn on the others and help you. Afterward, you can then try to convince the gnoll to devour itself, leaving you with mostly all your health and some easy loot.

7 Goblin Guards – Act One

Baldur's Gate 3 worg and goblin in act one

The goblin guards are an unfortunate bunch that you’ll run into on your way to the goblin camp in search of the druid, Halsin. While these goblins aren’t the hardest to fight, they can be annoying, especially if they hit a war drum.

If you’re looking to save the fight until you’re inside or don’t want to fight the goblins at all, you can talk your way out of combat. If you’re unlucky enough, you can pass a check and rub a little excrement across your face to get through.

6 Gerringothe Thorm – Act Two

Baldur's Gate 3, Gerringothe Thorm in act two

Wandering the cursed Shadowlands can be tough, and having a toll collector by the name of Gerringothe Thorm demand money from you doesn’t make it any easier. Unfortunately, you can’t just pay her all your money; she demands more.

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If you want to keep all your earnings, you can pass a few persuasion checks to convince her you’re there to replace her or that she can run away with her money and be free. Whichever option you choose, she’ll either let you pass, or she’ll self-destruct respectively. Either way, it’s one less fight for you to worry about.

5 Malus Thorm – Act Two

Baldur's Gate 3, Malus Thorm inspecting his hand in act two

As another member of the Thorm family trapped in the Shadowlands, Malus Thorm looks for more poor souls to experiment on for his teachings. You can find him in the House of Healing, northwest of Moonrise Towers.

When you arrive, he’ll be performing a grotesque operation on an unfortunate man. To avoid being next, you can convince the surgeon that his students should perform on each other instead. To fully avoid the fight, you can convince the surgeon himself that he should be the next one involved, so you can walk away with all your limbs still attached.

4 Thisobald Thorm – Act Two

Baldur's Gate 3, Thisobald Thorm having a drink with player in act two

Thisobald Thorm is another unfortunate soul encountered within the Shadowlands. He sits in The Waning Moon, which you’ll run into if you keep heading west after leaving the Toll House.

Thisobald Thorm is one of the more difficult fights to avoid simply because of the number of checks you have to pass. His fight can be quite difficult as well, so that’s worth keeping in mind. He’ll invite you to drink and share stories. You can pass deception checks to pretend to drink what he serves you. After that, you’ll need to pass performance checks to impress him with your stories. Otherwise, it’ll end in a fight.

3 Part Of Ketheric Thorm – Act Two

Baldur's Gate 3, Ketheric Thorm in act two

Ketheric Thorm is probably considered to be the first big boss of the game. As the Chosen of Myrkul, he’s determined for things to go his way. You’ll fight Ketheric on the rooftop of Moonrise Towers before following him underground.

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This part will lead to another fight with Ketheric and, eventually, the Apostle of Myrkul. However, back on the rooftop, you can convince Ketheric that he can redeem himself. If you do this, he’ll engage in conversation once you follow him rather than starting another fight. Since Myrkul can be a difficult fight, it’s worth trying to skip as many others as possible to keep all your health and actions.

2 Yurgir – Act Two

Baldur's Gate 3, Yurgir aiming a weapon in act two

In your explorations of the Shadowlands, you’ll come across the Grand Mausoleum. Raphael will be standing outside, waiting to make a deal with you to get rid of Yurgir, an Orthon bound to Raphael by contract.

You can head straight into the Mausoleum after completing a puzzle. There, you’ll be able to deal with Yurgir however you see fit. You can engage in a fight and defeat him, or you can talk to him. Through dialogue, you can convince him to kill himself and his minions, or you can agree to help him out of his contract with Raphael. Since Yurgir tends to go invisible, a fight with him is certainly one to avoid.

1 Minsc – Act Three

Baldur's Gate 3, Minsc holding Boo while talking to the player

Minsc is a character closely associated with Jaheira, one of the druid companions working with the Harpers. You’ll first meet Minsc in the Counting House when he steals gold and heads to the sewers.

You can’t fully skip fighting Minsc, but if you knock him out, you’ll be able to speak with him and eventually ask the Emperor to extend his protection to include Minsc. The dialogue is much easier and clearer if Jaheira is in your party, so it’s worth keeping her around during this quest.

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