Pokemon’s Sleeping Eevee Plush Is Currently Back In Stock On Amazon

You’d think with more than 1,000 Pokemon created, and more being revealed all the time, simply turning each and every one of them into a plush would be good enough. That’s not the approach Pokemon has taken. Not every Pokemon has a plush yet, but since there are different varieties, some of them have a few. Pikachu, for example, being the most famous Pokemon by quite some way, has so many plushes at this point that there’s even one of him dressed as Vincent Van Gogh, and Pokemon fans are desperate to get their hands on it.



Although it hasn’t caused the same sort of chaos as the new Pikachu plush, getting a hold of Sleeping Eevee, part of Pokemon’s sleeping plush collection, has also been pretty difficult. However, if you have been looking for one, and you’ve seen this article in time, Pokemon’s Sleeping Eevee plush is in stock on Amazon right now. No waiting in an online queue or paying triple the price to a scalper, just click the link below and add it to your cart.

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Eevee is up there with the most popular Pokemon alongside Pikachu, hence its sleeping plush selling out fast whenever it does get restocked somewhere. If you do click the link below and the plush has sold out, don’t give up hope. Amazon has a tendency to add stock in batches when it comes to popular products like this one. I can confirm that I have seen the Eevee out of stock only to be available again minutes later.

pokemon sleeping eevee plush
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Sleeping Eevee Plush

Pokemon has a range of slightly bigger-than-usual sleeping plushes, its most popular creations being made a part of it. Eevee absolutely fits that description, hence it being one of the first Pokemon to get the sleeping plush treatment.

Pokemon’s sleeping plushes have been getting some extra attention lately. Not only Eevee, but also Rowlet and Pichu. The two new plushes went on sale exclusively at Target last month and will hopefully start popping up elsewhere moving forward. Still hard to find, but picking them up might feel like a welcome win for those of you who trawl the net for Pokemon squishmallows on a daily basis. If you own a Gengar squishmallow, congratulations, you have completed the Pokemon plush hunting game on the hardest difficulty.

While we might not be getting a new Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch before the end of 2023, its toy world is incredibly busy right now. Not only through the addition of new plushes, but also Funko Pops. The Sobble, Aipom, and Umbreon figures that appeared online earlier this year are now all available for pre-order should you be lucky enough to find them in stock anywhere.

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