Should You Betray Huan In Starfield?

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There’s something exciting about going undercover as a space pirate, and Starfield doesn’t disappoint. Whether you enjoy working for the UC or secretly want to be a part of the galaxy’s most lethal and lucrative crew, there’s something for everyone in this line of quests.



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Pulling a fast one over on the UC has never been more exciting than stealing one of their own devices. Whether you support the league of space pirates, the United Colonies’ efforts, or just want to line your pockets with more credits than you can count, you’re going to need to be a master of disguise to get out of SY-920 intact.

How To Infiltrate The SY-920

Naeva arranges a meeting with Huan in Starfield

To start, meet with Naeva and Jasmine on the Key to discuss the next steps for obtaining the ComSpike. Speak to Naeva and she’ll tell you to meet with their contact, Huan Daiyu, in The Well in New Atlantis.

Huan can help reach UC starstation SY-920, the location of which is undisclosed. You’ll need to bring the prototype back in one piece so Jazz can decrypt the location of the Legacy.

Naeva doesn’t care if you shoot your way through the station, so long as the device is secured.

Head to New Atlantis and find Huan at Kay’s House in The Well. Take the stairs past the entrance to Kay’s to reach the second floor. Huan will be waiting for you on the balcony.

Speak to Huan about the plan. She can get you on board the starstation, under a few conditions:

  • You take her ship, and pose as a member of her crew. Once you’re onboard though, you’re on your own.
  • You’ll need to use discretion instead of swashbuckling gunfights. The less violence the better.

Since you’re heading to a UC base, Commander Ikande won’t take kindly to violence here, either. If you can avoid it, do so.

Huan waiting at Kay's in Starfield

Agree to Huan’s terms, and she’ll tell you to meet her at her ship, the Jade Swan, when you’re ready.

Stock up on any supplies you need now, and you won’t be able to leave once you’re aboard the SY-920.

Travel with Huan to the starstation. You’ll be a passenger for this trip, so sit tight until you reach the station. Wait for the Jade Swan to dock before proceeding.

You can use this time to prepare any last-minute changes.

Speak to Huan onboard the Jade Swan before boarding the station. She informs you that there are numerous checkpoints onboard, and you’ll need a guard’s uniform to get past them undetected. To get one, you’ll need to sneak into the barracks.

If at any point your cover is blown, Huan will leave, and you’ll be on your own. Diplomacy and subterfuge are the way to go.

How To Get A Uniform

Sneaking into the barracks in Starfield

Huan advises you to use the vents to sneak into the barracks. Board the SY-920 to start the mission.

There are two ways you can acquire a uniform:

  • Head to the right and you can persuade a guard that you forgot your uniform. It’s an eight-stage attempt.
  • Take the stairs down and pick the lock [Advanced] to enter the corridor directly. You can also steal a key from anyone nearby, or find Elijah and locate his key.

Vent to the barracks in Starfield

Once you open the orange door, head in and open the door to the storage room. Inside is access to the vents, which lead to the barracks.

The vent opens into the bathrooms, granting you a quiet exit from the vent. There are three uniforms to find, depending on where the guards are patrolling.

  • Take the hallway to the left and open the door on the right. Inside you can grab a uniform.
  • Go right and take the first door on the right. You’ll find another uniform.
  • At the checkpoint, in the locked office, you’ll find the final uniform. This is the riskiest one to find, as you’ll be in close proximity with an officer.

Finding a uniform in the barracks in Starfield

Once you have the uniform, put it on. You can now walk freely around the starstation.

You can also loot without worrying about stealing.

How To Reach The Command Bay

Reporting for duty in the SY-920 in Starfield

You’ll be stopped by a guard on your way to the Command Bay. Tell him you’re on duty to get by. Head to the lift and take it to the command bay.

There’s an intercom where you can contact Huan for advice. She advises you to find a clearance code in the security office.

Where To Find A Clearance Code

Clearance Code computer in the SY-920 in Starfield

You can obtain the clearance code using the clearance code computer in the security office. That code, along with the special code on the uniform you borrowed, will allow you to pass through the checkpoint.

There’s no harm if you get the code wrong on the first try. Check your inventory to see what uniform and corresponding code you have.

How To Upgrade Security Clearance

There’s a ventilation shaft you can reach through the utility room to the right. Use this to climb across the ceiling to reach another vent where you can drop down into the computer room.

Access the computer to find more information on UCE-86 ComSpike. You’ll need to upgrade your security clearance to level four to reach Dr. Gabriel Vogel, the lead on the project.

Select the option to upgrade your security clearance at the terminal and be on your way. Head to the emergency access computer to unlock the security hatch and take a shortcut back to the elevator.

Where To Find Dr. Vogel

Doctor Vogel in Starfield

Take the elevator and find another intercom to speak with Huan. She tells you that you’ll have to find your own way off the ship since her part of the job is done. That leaves you to locate the ComSpike.

Head down the stairs to find Dr. Vogel working in another room. Talk to him to learn more about the prototype.

Should You Betray Huan?

To gain access to the ComSpike, you have two options:

  • Betray Huan. You have an opportunity to pilot the prototype and get away clean if you betray Huan.
  • Persuade Dr. Vogel. You can tell Dr. Vogel you’re one of the new test pilots.

If you betray Huan, Dr. Vogel alerts Commander Natara. He gives you the keycard to take control of the prototype. Escape SY-920 using the prototype and Huan as a distraction.

If you persuade Dr. Vogel, you’ll get the passcode to test pilot the ship. Optionally, you can grab a pilot uniform or bypass the checkpoint altogether.

If you choose to take with ship without permission, the entire station turns hostile toward you, making escape much harder.

Head to the locker room to grab the uniform. There’s a vent nearby you can use in the bathroom to sneak around the checkpoint if you want to sneak out immediately.

If you get the pilot suit, you can schedule a test flight in the flight control tower, which will give you access to the ComSpike. This ensures you don’t have any trouble accessing the ship and taking off.

Board the prototype ship and make your escape.

Make sure to loot the ship before you disembark, as you won’t be able to keep it.

Return To The Key

Delgado and Naeva at the Command Center in Starfield

Once you’re in the ship, grav jump back to the Key. Head to the Last Nova and speak to Huan. If you betrayed her, she’ll have some choice words for you. Otherwise, she’ll buy you a drink and send you off to Delgado.

Head up to the Command Center and report in. You’ll brief Delgado and Naeva on your progress, then get more information about your next mission with Estelle Vincent in Neon.

After that, it’s time to fill in the gaps for Commander Ikande back at the UC Vigilance. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts and set out for the next mission.

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