Zombie Fight, a casual zombie survival game enters early access for Android

Mini Survival: Zombie Fight, a brand-new zombie survival game developed by BitStrong Games, is currently available in early access for Android devices. The game’s world is transformed as a zombie virus suddenly breaks out. Players must embark on an adventure to construct a shelter, high walls, facilities, and plant fruits and vegetables. To provide survivors with a safe and dependable sanctuary.

Build, Plant, Survive, and Fight against zombies in Mini Survival: Zombie Fight

In this zombie apocalypse world, players assume the role of a survivor, and the main goal is to work together with other survivors to build a shelter full of defenses to defend against the constant zombie attacks, as well as growing fruits and vegetables in the shelter to ensure food for all survivors to stay healthy and ready to fight the zombie attacks.

Mini Survival: Zombie Fight early access
Image Via BitStrong Games

Once the basics of constructing a shelter and raising food have been addressed, players can venture out to explore unknown regions in quest of resources that will be necessary for improving the shelter’s facilities. The more survivors we can gather, the simpler it will be to survive the zombie apocalypse in the long term. Players can find more survivors while exploring, which is important because each survivor has a unique set of professional talents and combat abilities.

There are frightening zombies and mutant animals everywhere, in both the towns and the forest. Be careful of the zombie bosses since they are tough and difficult to kill. In addition to using weapons against you, zombies often attack you in bunches, which makes things difficult. Therefore, while exploring these dangerous locations, players must be careful to outfit their friends with quality gear, carry enough of medicine, and travel in groups. Additionally, remember to rescue and train the adorable animals; they will be quite helpful when exploring.

Mini Survival: Zombie Fight is currently available for Android users to download from the Google Play Store. The release for iOS devices has not yet been confirmed, so players will have to wait a little longer to obtain the game and keep an eye out for official news.

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