Spider-Man 2 Story Spoilers Are Being Shared Online

Spider-Man 2 is only 11 days away, but if you spend a lot of time online, it’s time to close Reddit and mute some keywords. Spoilers are running rampant, whether it’s text breakdowns of major plot points or screenshots revealing key moments in the game. I won’t divulge any of the details here, but fair warning, they’re all over the internet right now.



Keenly aware this would happen so close to release, Insomniac already sent out a message to players. At the end of September, it tweeted, “Hey Web-Heads! As we approach launch, Spider-Man 2 spoilers may start to appear online. We worked hard to craft a story packed with surprises, so tread carefully and be mindful of posting spoilers. Let’s be greater together: please keep the adventure fresh for everyone!”

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That’s just under two weeks to avoid spoilers, which for the internet, is an eternity. You’re probably safest on Twitter if you mute Spider-Man 2 and any references to the game since spoilers have been sparse. However, pages dedicated to the sequel are best avoided. While spoiler tags and flairs are in use across social media, you’ll inevitably run across comments from careless fans.

Spider-Man 2 spoilers have been trickling out since last month. The entire trophy list leaked online, and while much of it is harmless – collect every suit, complete all districts, reach max level, etc., – there are some tied to missions that reveal key details about the story.

A lot of this was up for interpretation based on vague wording, so it wasn’t as concrete as the current wave of leaks, but with the new screenshots and plot points surfacing, we can now piece together much of what these trophies mean. Safe to say, they’re best avoided too.

This wave of leaks has sparked discourse and theories already, and while I won’t get into any of the specifics, one of the highlights of the past couple of weeks has been the game’s length. The trophies, along with comments from Insomniac, revealed that the game will take around 17 hours to beat and 30 hours to Platinum.

Gamers decried that this is too short, but our own Lead Features Editor Jade King stepped into Goldilock’s shoes and said no, it’s just right. Luckily, that’s the topic to take centre stage, rather than something more plot-centric. Let’s just hope that, over the next 11 days, it stays that way.

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