Sharri Markson, Sky News host in tears over Hamas attack on Israeli civilians

Sky News journalist Sharri Markson broke down in tears as she catalogued the “pure savagery” of Hamas terrorist attacks on innocent women and children.

The investigative journalist, who is Jewish, became emotional as she described how Palestinian forces had killed hundreds of Israelis and taken families hostage.

Describing the militants as “barbarians with no limits” she said they had offered the elderly and the vulnerable “no mercy”.

“This is the darkest day for Jewish people in decades. It’s being called Israel’s September 11. It is pure savagery,” she said on her Sky News Australia show, Sharri, on Monday night.

“But it’s the heinous barbarity that makes this attack by Hamas so sickening and so unexpected for the state of Israel, that prides itself on national security and is surrounded by Arab States endlessly calling for its annihilation.

“There was no mercy shown as the elderly, the women, the children – the babies – were kidnapped, seized and carted off by jeering men, away from the safety of their homes, their loved ones and their life as they knew it.”

Markson has previously been subjected to anti-Semitic death threats.

“While much of the focus has been on the geopolitics and the big picture, tonight, I want to talk about the actual people being tortured and brutalised,’’ she said.

“These are real people, not missiles. These are scenes of inhumanity not seen since the rise of ISIS and the brutal terrorist beheadings designed to terrify the civilised world.

“Here, we have a beautiful teenage girl captured and dragged through the streets by thugs. Look at the way they drag her out of the boot.

“Her hands tied, tagging her by her beautiful long hair as they shove her back in their vehicle. You shudder as you imagine what they’ve done to her, how they’re likely abusing and probably debasing (her).”

She said there was “no mercy” shown as the elderly, the women, the children, and the babies were kidnapped.

“Listen to how these animals laugh and cheer. To jump for joy as they spill blood. How can humans be this cruel, to laugh?’’ she said.

“And celebrate as they tortured terrified young souls who had so much ahead of them in life who were so hopeful for the future.

“There are just simply too many faces, too many people to show you tonight. The horror of what we are seeing is overwhelming. I want to show you that each life is equally valuable and important.

“It is beyond despicable. It is sickening.”

Former Australian ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma told Sky News that for Hamas to have seemingly penetrated Israel’s border undetected was a “terrible operational failure”.

“It’s shocked a lot of people in Israel,” Mr Sharma said.

“Hamas seemingly penetrated Israel’s border undetected or largely undetected.

“They overran a military base, one of the bases of the Gaza division which is entrusted with the security of that border. “There are still active Hamas terrorists in about nine locations inside Israel now.

“For this to have been allowed to happen is a terrible operational failure and there will have to be lessons learned from this.”

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