How To Complete The Last Caress Quest In Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, ‘The Last Caress’ quest involves siding with Arasaka themselves, the ones who created the Relic killing your V and whom most of the general public detests. If you are looking for the last hope of living without Johnny, or simply didn’t complete enough side quests beforehand, you’ll probably choose this ending.



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In Last Caress, Hanako Arasaka offers you a supposed solution to your Relic malfunctioning, but only if you help her dethrone her brother, Yorinobu. This quest is available no matter what choices you make in the game, as it is one of the main endings.

How To Initiate The Quest

Cyberpunk 2077 Misty Tarot Reading For V

This quest comes after you complete ‘Nocturne Op55N1’, where the game will inform you that you are entering the point of no return. Said quest will request that you meet Hanako Arasaka at the Embers club and discuss your options, allowing you to decide your fate.

You will have to choose what you want to do with your V, and if you have not exhausted your side quests with everyone, you will only have two options within ‘Nocturne Op55N1’, to end your life or side with Arasaka.

Should You Stealth Or Go In Guns-Blazing?

Cyberpunk 2077 Arasaka Security At Car Window

Once Hellman drives you to the estate, a guard will stop the car and start asking questions, and the more questions that he asks, the more often you will see the option to attack him.

Though Hellman said not to cause a stir, you are free to attack the guard, and if you don’t, Hellman runs him over anyway. This is where the action really starts, as you must fight your way through the estate to reach Hanako.

Even though this first guard dies, you can still maintain stealth if you wish.

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How To Enter The Arasaka Estate Without Fighting Everyone

Cyberpunk 2077 Using Sniper To Headshot Sniper On Roof

The first visible enemy will be a mech patrolling the courtyard. You can easily keep its eye off you by staying behind the large hedges to the right.

If you want to play stealthily and avoid the robot, you can stay on the very right side of the estate and keep to the shrubbery. From the shrubbery, you can get closer to the building and climb up without any enemy noticing you.

The best way to approach this section is by stealth, and all you need to do is to take down Yorinobu’s four elite soldiers. You can keep to the right of the entire area at all times to avoid being seen.

Once at the fence leading to the estate, you can continue sneaking to the right-hand side. You can enter the building through a side door if you disable the camera near the door first, but be wary of the guards having a smoke break at the back right of the building.

The moment you kill someone, every guard will be alerted, even if they do not know your position. There are almost twelve guards that will bombard you if you make your position known.

Cyberpunk 2077 Elite Enemy In Arasaka Estate

Once inside, you will want to focus on taking down the necessary elite guards, as you won’t be able to access Hanako’s room without neutralizing them. Your first target will be at the center of the foyer, but you do not want to stealth kill him just yet, because there is a guard on the second floor who may see you.

First, you should sneak behind the kneeling enemy to go up the stairs, keeping an eye on the location of the patrolling guard on the second floor. Now, sneak behind the guard and take him down, but even though Hanako’s room is just by the stairs, you won’t be able to enter just yet.

Now is the time to take down the kneeling guard in the front foyer. There is another elite guard in the back left room, but be careful because there are windows in there that can expose you.

Lastly, you can go back to the front foyer and exit the estate through the back door. There is an elite guard on a computer that you can easily take down because no one else is back there.

Make sure to drag these bodies away from prying eyes so that no other guards get suspicious.

Elite Enemies



In the center of the front foyer inside the estate, kneeled facing the front door.


Patrolling the second floor.


From the front foyer, turn around and enter through the door at the back left of the room. There is an elite enemy you can stealth kill here.


In the back of the estate on a computer.

There is an Iconic pistol within the Arasaka Estate that you can loot as a reward for your efforts. If you didn’t loot this place before this quest, you can find the Iconic Genjiroh pistol in a side room in the main lobby.

From the main lobby of the estate, turn around where there will be a back door and two side doors. The pistol is in the right-hand room at the back.

The Beginning Of Totalimmortal

Cyberpunk 2077 Hanako In Arasaka Tower

Once you defeat all the enemies at the Arasaka estate, Hanako will lead you to the back of the building where Hellman will be with the AV. Traveling in the AV will lead you to the final quest, ‘Totalimmortal’.

Once you enter Arasaka Tower, The Last Caress will be completed, and the quest itself has no rewards because it the final story mission.

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