Cyberpunk 2077 Players Still Think The Adam Smasher Fight Is Too Easy

Cyberpunk 2077’s version 2.0 update was released just before the Phantom Liberty expansion, completely overhauling the combat in time for the new story missions. As a result, this also means the entire game plays differently, with character builds feeling more distinct from one another, and some abilities balanced to avoid being overpowered. But for some fans, this hasn’t gone far enough.



Even after all of these changes, Cyberpunk 2077 players think the Adam Smasher fight is too easy. This has been a complaint for a while, since in the lore, Smasher is meant to be so terrifying that you’d never dream of crossing him – certainly not the kind of guy you’d easily beat in a 2v1, or even a 1v1, if you’re brave. Yet some players feel that recent changes fail to make him live up to his brutal potential, and wish he was just as menacing as the Smasher we saw in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

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“Adam Smasher in 2.0/PL is still underwhelming,” says Reddit user Spiritual_Educator_3.

“No new, unique or improved gimmicks.”

Given that the update takes inspiration from Edgerunners in other areas, it’s not surprising that many players expected Smasher to come out guns blazing, with even more ways to tear us apart than ever before. Alas, he does not, leaving some fans underwhelmed.

“Imo Smasher should be nearly unbeatable,” says AcceptableNet6182. “He’s literally a machine with a brain. In the anime, even David with his Cybersuit could do any noticeable damage to Smasher. I think he should be an optional boss at max-level and really hard to beat.”

Others agree, feeling that the unstoppable killing machine from the Cyberpunk tabletop game just doesn’t translate into an action-focussed RPG that well. When you consider how long he’s survived, it’s pretty wild that he can be taken out by a relatively young merc like V.

At the very least, it makes bringing him to justice for all of the atrocities he’s committed over his life easy to pull off over and over again. Defeating him is especially satisfying after watching Edgerunners, given all that he got up to in that final episode. Yeah… if you know, you know.

Of course, CD Projekt Red hasn’t pulled support from Cyberpunk 2077 just yet, so be careful what you wish for. Who knows? Maybe a hotfix will come along to make all of your dreams come true, and the next time you’re blasting through Arasaka Tower, you’ll be greeted by the version of Adam Smasher that the Edgerunners gang were up against. Good luck making it out of that fight in one piece.

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