The Best Cards In Doctor Who’s Masters Of Evil Deck

Universes Beyond brings multiple properties into Magic: The Gathering, with Doctor Who being four separate Commander decks representing different eras of the show. Masters Of Evil, rather than focus on a specific era, instead focuses on the villains that have appeared throughout Doctor Who’s history.



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It is a Grixis (black/white/red) deck filled with plenty of powerful cards both new and old. Some of them are new commanders with powerful effects to build around, and others are some of the best removal spells the format has seen. Masters Of Evil shows just how strong these villains are by giving them strong cards to match.

10 Dalek Drone

MTG Dalek Drone card and art background

Dalek Drone is one of the best creatures that destroy a creature when it enters the battlefield. It becomes an excellent choice of creature to copy, and amazing if you give it myriad, which creates token copies of itself – something the Masters Of Evil deck does quite easily.

After it destroys a creature, a 3/3 with both flying and menace gives it a fair bit of evasion as well. This makes it hard to block, and can even use the Exterminate! ability to help destroy a creature that could.

9 Ashad, The Lone Cyberman

MTG Ashad, The Lone Cyberman card and art background

Casualty is a fantastic ability, as there are plenty with X in their mana costs, and a copied spell will retain those X costs paid. Ashad, The Lone Cyberman gives all your nonlegendary artifact spells this ability, letting you double your mana rocks, utility artifacts, and even creature artifacts.

As if that wasn’t already good enough, Ashad comes with another ability to gain +1/+1 counters by sacrificing your creatures. Since casualty requires you to sacrifice a creature to use the ability, Ashad can start growing rather substantially just by using it.

8 Snuff Out

MTG Snuff Out card and art background

Though not original to the Masters Of Evil Commander deck, Snuff Out is still one of the best removal spells ever printed. Even though it can only target nonblack creatures, being able to cast it for free makes it so strong. The condition is incredibly easy, and, since you start with 40 life, the life lost is hardly a dent in your life total.

Snuff Out is fantastic and is a great way to take care of threats when your opponent thinks you can’t interact with their board state since you are tapped out.

7 Hunted By The Family

MTG Hunted By The Family card and art background

Hunted By The Family may cost a lot of mana to play, but the effect is worth it. It either turns any four creatures into a simple 1/1 with no abilities, or you get to copy them, forcing your opponent to give you a copy of their best creatures or lose out on theirs.

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Being able to do this four times is incredible, and can lead to your battlefield being full of all of your opponents’ strongest creatures. Alternatively, it gets rid of your opponents’ best creatures as well.

6 Missy

MTG Missy card and art background

One of the face commanders for the Masters Of Evil deck, Missy is a fantastic card. Any creature dying gives you a 2/2 Cyberman, and it affects all creature deaths, not just yours, so if you’re using a lot of removal spells and board wipes, Missy can quickly amass an army of 2/2 Cyberman creatures.

Notably, these aren’t tokens, but the creatures destroyed flipped face down. This means if you have a way to flip a creature, you can turn the Cyberman back into its original form to steal your opponents’ powerful creatures and claim them for yourself.

5 Auton Solider

MTG Auton Soldier card and art background

Auton Soldier is one of the best clone creatures ever printed. Not only does it enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature, but the creature is always nonlegendary and will come with myriad. If you have artifact synergies, they are artifact creatures as well.

This allows powerful enter-the-battlefield effects to be abused and will trigger as many times as there are players in the game. This can get out of hand very quickly, especially if you have ways to prevent the myriad tokens from being sacrificed at the end step.

4 The Master, Multiplied

MTG The Master, Multiplied card and art background

The Master, Multiplied is a card that almost immediately starts getting out of hand. If you attack with it just once, odds are you are never going to lose them unless a board wipe gets played. Since The Master, Multiplied prevents triggered abilities from forcing you to sacrifice or exile creature tokens, the token that myriad makes will remain on the battlefield.

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The Master, Multiplied copies will stay on the battlefield thanks to it preventing the legends rule from applying to tokens. Even if the original copy is gotten rid of, the token copies will keep themselves safe (provided they’re not legendary) as long as the time you would have exiled them has already passed.

3 Cybermen Squadron

MTG Cybermen Squadron card and art background

Cybermen Squadron has a simple effect: it gives your nonlegendary artifact creatures myriad. If your deck consists of mostly artifact creatures, this can quickly spiral out of control. Many artifact creatures have powerful enter the battlefield and leave the battlefield triggers, allowing you to get three separate instances of those effects.

Cybermen Squadron itself is easy to cast as well. Even though it costs seven mana, there are no color restrictions allowing you to easily ramp into it early on in the game. It has solid stats as well, and if you’re playing cards that keep the tokens from myriad around, like The Master, Multiplied; Cybermen Squadron gets that much better.

2 The Flood Of Mars

MTG The Flood Of Mars card and art background

Making a creature lose all its abilities is always going to be strong, and The Flood Of Mars does that and does it well. Whenever it attacks, it turns a creature into a copy of it, or can turn a land into an Island to make sure you can always attack without worrying about it being blocked thanks to Islandwalk.

If The Flood Of Mars hits the battlefield, odds are, unless there’s a board wipe or it gets removed early, the entire battlefield will be turned into copies of it. It very quickly snowballs, as everyone is turning each others’ creatures into The Flood Of Mars.

1 Cyber Conversion

MTG Cyber Conversion card and art background

Cyber Conversion is an amazing removal spell as it doesn’t actually destroy a creature. This allows it to get around indestructible and prevents cards from being able to be recurred from the graveyard or in a commander’s case, be recast from the command zone.

It will turn any creature into a face-down Cyberman creature and lose all of its other effects. Transformation effects are often better as it is a more permanent solution to a problem creature as outside of it getting removed through other means, it’ll stay as a Cyberman.

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