Complete Guides For Silent Hope

Welcome to Silent Hope, a delightful isometric fantasy RPG that puts you into the shoes of seven individual heroes, tasked with progressing through the Abyss that’s opened to help figure out why a kingdom has been robbed of their voices. Amid political turmoil, the King removed everyone’s voice and vanished into the depths of the Abyss.

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Now, you and your seven heroes will be battling your way through dozens of randomly generated layers, dungeon crawling your way toward the truth of what happened to this once-prosperous, happy kingdom. Grab your best gear and dive into the Abyss in Silent Hope!

Updated on October 9, 2023: Now that our coverage is a bit more complete for our Silent Hope guides and have published some lists as well, we’re updating our Silent Hope walkthrough one more time to ensure we’ve got all of our content covered.


    The Seven Heroes

    all seven heroes standing together at base camp in silent hope

    With seven unique heroes ready for battle in Silent Hope, you’re likely trying to get the most out of each character. In this section, we’ve included our guides to your heroes, their classes, and how to make them the best they can be.

  • The Abyss

    the four top layers of the abyss with the burning wasteland highlighted in silent hope abyss guide-1

    The Abyss is the colossal chasm that’s opened just outside your Base Camp in Silent Hope, and it’s the randomly generated isometric dungeon that you’ll be fighting through to unravel the mystery of the game. Whether you’re looking for resource guides, combat tips, or more, we’ve got it down below.

  • Base Camp

    an overview shot of base camp in silent hope

    When you’re not actively battling your way through the layers of the Abyss, you’re spending time on the surface up at Base Camp. Here, your seven heroes work tirelessly to process your raw materials into usable resources for things like weapons, gear, and Dishes. It’s also where you can change character classes, complete challenges, craft Dishes, and more. Anything you may need to handle up at Base Camp between expeditions into the Abyss, we’ve got you covered in this section of our Silent Hope guide.

  • Odds And Ends

    the rogue interacting with a tear fragment in the abyss in silent hope

    Whether it’s our tips after playing the game, frequently asked questions, or more, we’ve got it sorted here in our Silent Hope guide.

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