How To Build Yanqing In Honkai: Star Rail

When you pull on the Stellar Warp banner in Honkai: Star Rail, you can get one of the 14 five stars including characters and Light Cones. You can also get the standard banner characters if you lose your 50:50 on a certain character banner. Yanqing is one of these characters.



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He’s an Ice character who follows the path of The Hunt, which means that he’s a single-target DPS. If you’re lucky enough to pull this beautifully designed character, you’ll need to know about his best Light Cones and gear to make him powerful.

Updated on October 06, 2023, by Sanyam Jain: With time, Honkai: Star Rail has seen an increase in Planar Ornaments that synergize well with Yanqing, and the article has been updated to reflect these changes.

Best Relics And Planar Ornaments For Yanqing

Honkai Star Rail Yanqing Relic Screen

Relics and Planar Ornaments are unlocked after you’ve played this game for quite a bit, but you won’t get to focus on them until you’re around Trailblaze Level 40. All the Relics can be farmed from different Caverns of Corrosion while the Planar Ornaments are found in Worlds three to six in the Simulated Universe.

You’ll have four slots for Relics and two for Ornaments on Yanqing, and you’ll get a special bonus if you have two or four of the same type. Here are the best sets for Yanqing in Honkai: Star Rail:



Reason For Synergy With Yanqing


Hunter Of Glacial Forest

This is the best in slot Relic set for Yanqing and it can be farmed from the Path of Gelid Wind cavern. It increases his Ice DMG by ten percent and his Crit DMG is also increased for two turns after using the Ultimate.

Both of these stats are the most sought-after for this character since his kit already makes up for all the Crit Rate.

Thief Of Shooting Meteor

Since Hunter of Glacial Forest is quite hard to acquire during the early game, you can use this set as a replacement. You’ll get many pieces of this set for free just by exploring different areas and finishing multiple quests.

Yanqing is great at taking away the enemy’s Toughness bar, and this set increases your Break Effect by 32 percent, which increases your DMG on triggering a Weakness Break.

Planar Ornaments

Space Sealing Station

If Yanqing’s SPD is 120 or more, he gets a 24 percent ATK bonus from this Ornament set. Since he’s a main DPS, you’ll always want to have 134 or more SPD on him.

His kit can also give you a bit of SPD after unlocking one of the Bonus Abilities, which helps bring this set together.

Sprightly Vonwacq

Yanqing gets some heavy buffs after using his Ultimate, and this set increases your Energy Regeneration Rate, which helps you get the Ultimate faster. Moreover, your actions are also advanced forward at the start of the battle.

The initial turn advance allows you to apply the Soulsteel Sync much faster, which reduces his chances of getting attacked.

Rutilant Arena

This set can be farmed in the seventh World of the Simulated Universe, and it gives Yanqing an extra eight percent Crit Rate. Moreover, it increases the damage dealt by his Basic ATK and Skill by 20 percent when your Crit Rate is over 70 percent.

Both Yanqing’s Talent and Ultimate give him a massive Crit Rate boost, taking it easily over 100 percent. This allows you to have a 100 percent uptime on the Skill DMG from this set.

Apart from the bonus provided by these sets, it’s also important to have the right stats to make Yanqing strong. After going through his kit, you’ll realize that he gets enough Crit Rate just from his Traces. Here’s what you can build on his Relics and Ornaments:


Main Stat Priority






Crit DMG


ATK Percent / SPD

Planar Sphere

Ice DMG Bonus

Link Rope

Energy Regeneration Rate / ATK Percent

As for the sub-stats, it’s recommended to look for Crit DMG, SPD, ATK Percent, and Break Effect in that order.

Best Light Cones For Yanqing

Honkai Star Rail Yanqing Sleep Like The Dead Light Cone

Each Light Cone in Honkai: Star Rail has a special ability that only triggers if its path matches with the character you put them on, which means that you can only use The Hunt Light Cones on him. Here are the best Light Cones for him:

Sleep Like The Dead

This is Yanqing’s signature weapon that can be acquired from the Standard Banner or the Light Cone banner. It gives you a flat 30 percent Crit DMG just by equipping it on Yanqing. Moreover, you also get some Crit Rate if your attack doesn’t Crit.

With this Light Cone, you’ll easily be able to have over 200 percent Crit DMG on this character.

In The Night

This is a limited Light Cone that can only be acquired if Seele is featured on the banners. It gives you an 18 percent Crit Rate and increases your Basic Attack, Skill, and Ultimate DMG based on your SPD.

This Light Cone truly shines if you have SPD as the main stat on your Feet, and you won’t need to look for any Crit Rate stat on Relics with this.

River Flows In Spring

This is a simple Light Cone that increases your SPD and DMG upon entering battle, though the buff goes away for one turn if you get hit. Yanqing’s abilities reduce his chances of getting hit, which makes this Light Cone a good four-star choice.

Darting Arrow

For people who are starting out in the game and don’t have the above Light Cones, you can use Darting Arrow to get an ATK boost after defeating an enemy. ATK Percent is one of the most important stat during the early game since your characters are low-level.

Yanqing Traces Overview And Priority

Honkai Star Rail Yanqing Character Screen

When it comes to Traces, Yanqing has one of the unique skill set since he essentially builds an important stat all by himself. This reduces the pressure on your Light Cones and Relics, and here’s what they do:

Trace Name



Frost Thorn

Basic Attack

Just like every other character in the game, Yanqing deals a certain amount of Ice DMG to a single target after using the Basic Attack.

Darting Ironthorn


Deals multiple instances of Ice DMG to a single target and gives you Soulsteel Sync for one turn.

Amidst The Raining Bliss


As soon as this is used, Yanqing’s Crit Rate is increased by 60 percent. If the Soulsteel Sync is active, it gives Yanqing some Crit DMG. These buffs last for one turn.

In the end, Yanqing deals a huge amount of Ice DMG to one target.

One With The Sword


Reduces the chances of Yanqing getting attacked when Soulsteel Sync is active. Moreover, increases his Crit Rate and DMG by a certain amount when the effect is active as well.

He can trigger a follow-up attack that can freeze the enemies, and this state goes away if he gets attacked.

The One True Sword


With this activated, Yanqing deals extra DMG to enemies with high HP for two turns.

Frost Favors The Brave

Bonus Ability

Increases Effect RES when Soulsteel Sync is active, which increases your chances of resisting a debuff from the enemy.

Icing On The Kick

Bonus Ability

Deals additional damage to enemies weak to Ice.

Gentle Blade

Bonus Ability

After a Crit hit, increases his SPD by ten percent for two turns.

When you’re using Yanqing in a team, you’ll mostly be using his Skill. While his Ultimate gives a ton of Crit Rate, it’s a static amount that doesn’t change with levels. So, it’s better to prioritize his Skill first every time you upgrade his Traces. This can be followed by the Talent to get some extra Crit Rate and Crit DMG.

Finally, you can upgrade his Ultimate and then the Basic Attack. Make sure you get every Bonus Ability and extra stat stick whenever you can since they’re important for his damage.

Are Yanqing’s Eidolons Worth It?

Honkai Star Rail Yanqing Thinking

Much like every other character, Yanqing has a set of six Eidolons that can buff his kit. Although, it can be much harder to get his Eidolons since they’re completely luck-based. Moreover, his Eidolons don’t necessarily make him overpowered, but you can change his build based on them:

  • If you have his first Eidolon, you have to focus more on Effect Hit Rate since you have to freeze the enemies as much as possible.
  • With the second Eidolon, you don’t have to focus as much on his Energy Regeneration Rate, which makes the first Eidolon a little better.
  • The rest of the Eidolons are good to have, but you don’t particularly need them.

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