Israeli TV host‘s sister killed ‘execution style’ by Hamas

Mapal Adam, a 27-year-old Israeli woman, met a horrifying fate at a trance music festival near the Gaza Strip.

She was killed “execution style” while attempting to hide from Hamas gunmen who invaded the event, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.

The victim of the Israel Hamas conflict, Mapal Adam, was the younger sister of Ma’ayan Adam, a well-known television host in Israel, recognised for her appearances on “Dancing With The Stars” and her role as an anchor on a popular news program.

Mapal also has a history of military service for Israel. In a passionate Instagram post, she expressed gratitude for the privilege of serving her country, writing: “One army, 72 years, 23,816 martyrs.

“Thank you for the privilege to serve my country”

Ma’ayan Adam shared the heartbreaking news with her 300,000 Instagram followers. She revealed the details of her sister’s harrowing ordeal at the Israeli music festival in a poignant social media message.

Mapal had sought refuge underneath a truck, attempting to evade the attackers by feigning death. During this desperate attempt to escape, Mapal Adam lost her life.

According to her sister, Ma’ayan Adam, Mapal was in the company of her boyfriend, Roey, who also endured a harrowing experience, suffering gunshot wounds to his back.

Fortunately, Roey is expected to recover.

“On Saturday afternoon, in this seemingly idyllic setting, Mapal, our beloved, concealed herself beneath a truck, playing dead,” Ma’ayan Adam shared in an emotional Instagram post, accompanied by a photograph of Mapal’s cell phone, an image captured from beneath the vehicle.

“She held out for hours and didn’t move until terrorists killed her execution style,” wrote the grieving sister.

“This is the last photo she took, this is her phone,” Ma’ayan Adam added.

Reflecting on Mapal’s recent happiness, Ma’ayan mentioned, “She and her boyfriend, Roey, moved in together this past week, and she was the happiest person in the world.”

“He was lying next to her [as she lay on the ground], suffered gunshot wounds in the back, and survived to tell us how she died in his arms,” she wrote.

Ma’ayan Adam shared the immense grief their family was experiencing, describing it as being “crushed to pieces” and enduring a “pain that I didn’t know existed.”

The Tribe of Nova-organised trance music festival, situated near Reim, a kibbutz close to the Gaza Strip, transformed into a scene of terror as Hamas gunmen overran the concert area.

Mapal Adam was one of thousands of young Israelis who participated in the festival, with witnesses describing a chaotic situation, with explosions and rockets raining down on festival goers.

The attack began about 6.30am, Raz Gaster, a manager of musical acts who performed at the festival, recounted.

“We went out of the backstage, and we saw a full bombardment everywhere. It was hundreds of rockets and mortars flying from everywhere and explosions all around us.”

Security personnel on-site took swift action, instructing everyone to take cover. Later, police issued orders for a rapid evacuation due to the rocket attack.

Gaster said security personnel on-site told everyone to get on the floor and put their hands above their heads.

A few minutes later, police “shouted in the microphones, ‘Okay, get in your cars and go’.”

“The moment the policemen said ‘Go now,’ I ran,” Gaster said.

“I didn’t wait because we know it’s a rocket attack. You need to act quick.”

The Hamas terrorists unleashed gunfire into the crowd and sought hostages, resulting in a devastating loss of life.

Israeli emergency services worked tirelessly, recovering over 260 bodies from the site.

The death toll from the surprise Hamas assault exceeded 800 soldiers and civilians, leaving Israelis and Palestinians in mourning.

It comes as Shani Louk, a German-Israeli tattoo artist, was identified as one of the victims of the disturbing attack carried out by Hamas terrorists, after perpetrators paraded her lifeless body through the streets.

This tragic incident underscores the ongoing tensions in the region and is a stark reminder of the need for peace and stability.

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