Starfield Player Recreates Halo’s Iconic Scorpion Tank

Every time a game comes out that includes some kind of vehicle or base-building feature, you just know that the recreations aren’t too far behind. We saw shortly after launch of Starfield that someone recreated a whole bunch of spaceships from other games and movies, which included The Normandy from Mass Effect, The Millenium Falcon from Star Wars, and a Pelican from Halo. Unsurprisingly, it seems like Starfield has quite a few Halo fans in its community, as another recreation from the series has been gaining attention on social media.



It’s not a spaceship this time though. In fact, it’s the polar opposite, as Reddit user Lancewestwalker has actually managed to use the game’s ship builder to recreate Halo’s iconic Scorpion Tank. They shared their creation to the Starfield Ships subreddit earlier today, which included multiple screenshots of their Scorpion from numerous angles so we can get a good look at how astonishingly accurate it is.

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What makes this creation one of the more impressive is that this person has managed to create this ship in a completely vanilla game, without a single mod installed. Often you’ll see Starfield players add mods that remove the build limit so they can create utter monsters, like this Star Destroyer that flattened the entirety of the New Atlantis shipyard. This tank was done without those luxuries, and even had Lancewestwalker splashing all their cash to make it, since they didn’t have access to any unlimited cash mods either.

Halo Scorpion Tank

byu/Lancewestwalker inStarfieldShips

Unfortunately, there aren’t any images of this mammoth Scorpion Tank flying through space, which would have been a sight to behold. Instead, we get images of it in a shipyard, and a couple of it on an unknown dusty planet, which really does drive home how much Starfield needs to some kind of mech or land vehicle so we can get around a bit easier. I’m not asking for a Scorpion Tank, but a little buggy of some kind wouldn’t go amiss Bethesda.

If you want to make this Scoprion Tank for yourself, you’ll be pleased to know that Lancewestwalker will be making a detailed guide on how to build it. It’s not ready just yet, but they explain that they’ll be attaching it to the Reddit post tomorrow.

In other Starfield news, those that purchased the game’s Collector’s Edition are reporting that the watches included in the package have already started breaking, just one month on from the game’s release. Customer service also doesn’t appear to be much use either, as one buyer reports that Bethesda is refusing to replace or repair the watch.

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