Where To Find Every Tale Of Baghdad In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

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The Tales of Baghdad are one Assassin’s Creed Mirage‘s unique approaches to side quests. While contracts are bespoke missions intended to challenge players and even include bonus reward conditions, the Tales of Baghdad quests focus considerably more on the narrative.



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That being said, while some of them are pretty quick exchanges, others can be reasonably involved. This guide will take you through how to complete every last of the nine tales you will encounter in the game.

Leap Of The Faithful

Assassin's Creed Mirage, Tales of Baghdad, Young Eagle

Tale Location

l-Mi’dhana Al- ‘Ateeqa Viewpoint Tower

Climb the Viewpoint tower beside Al-Mi’dhana Al-‘Ateeqa (south of the Sharqi hideout) in Karkh. Halfway up to the top, you will encounter a boy. Talk to “Young Eagle”, who is halfway up the tower. He needs a little counseling. After you have talked to him, encourage the child to be extremely reckless, and jump into the haystack below. After Young Eagle follows your example, speak to him again. You will complete the Leap of the Faithful quest and pocket a hundred coins.

Holy Mission

Assassin's Creed Mirage, Tales of Baghdad, The Monk

Tale Location

Nestorian Monastery

Head over to the Nestorian Monastery. Just outside the gates of the monastery—west of the Nestorian Monastery Viewpoint, you will find a Monk looking for the overgrown grave of a holy man. Naturally, he needs your help.

There are a few red herrings, but the grave you are looking for is near north of where you first talk to the monk, close to the coast. The gravestone is adorned with purple flowers. Once you find it, the Monk will start digging up the bones of this true believer.

Unfortunately, three guards will confront you and they aren’t looking to reason with you. The Monk will join you in helping these three guards find peace. Good thing you already have that shovel. Upon killing the guards you will complete the Holy Mission quest and be rewarded with a 100 Dirham.

Treasure Hunt

Assassin's Creed Mirage, Tales of Baghdad, Tiferet

Head to the northeastern tip of the Wilderness. You will find a woman named Tiferet trying to get into her old home. She is looking for a piece of Blue Lusterware. Naturally, you are going to need to go diving for it. Once you have jumped into the water, swim to the bottom, following the building down.

Once you find the area where the stone meets a thatched roof, enter through the opening. Now, swim up through the entryway, and into the home. Once inside the home, unbar the door, smash through the vases, and pick up the Blue Lusterware. Finally, carry it over to Tiferet and she will thank you for your help. You will be rewarded with 100 Dirham and the Treasure Hunt will conclude.

Assassin's Creed Mirage, Tales of Baghdad, Naaji

Tale Location

Dome of the Ass

You will find Naaji north of the Dome of the Ass. Keep traveling north and just across the river, you will run into him. Naaji has tracked down some corrupt guards. You will need to kill four of them. Naaji is a bit of a bungler and will end up getting you into a sword fight, though you will be able to assassinate at least one of the guards. These guards have a healthy amount of Dirham on them. So, make sure to loot their corpses

Once you have dealt with them, talk to Naaji. You can tell him one of two things…

“Maybe this isn’t your thing”

Either option will complete the quest. Later, you will run into Naaji at the Abbasiyah Bureau. He will give you a Khidma Token.

A Life’s Work

Assassin's Creed Mirage, Al-Mahani

Tale Location

Abbasiyah Observatory

You will talk to Al-Mahani who will task you with finding all three pages of his treatise.

  • One page is on the roof of the observatory.
  • One page is blowing in the wind nearby.
  • One page is found inside the observatory.

Obtaining all the pages can be quite difficult. We have a full breakdown of this entire mission here. It will cover every detail in full.

Once you have collected all three pages, return to Al-Mahani and you will talk to his son. He will ask you what was most important to his father. You can either tell him that…

“Your father’s treatise was most important to him”

“His son was most important to him”

After making your choice, this tale will conclude. You will be rewarded with 1 Skill Point for your troubles.

Curse Of The Si’la’

Assassin's Creed Mirage, Tales of Baghdad, Ma' Bad

Tale Location

Abandoned Village, west of the Observatory Viewpoint

This Tale of Baghdad is located on the west coast in the Abandoned Village. If you travel directly west of the Observatory Viewpoint you will run into it. Upon entering the village, you will need to talk to Ma’ Bad and then complete an investigation. You will travel west of Ma’ Bad, through the village, onto the beach, and then north to a house with a note in front. If you use your Eagle vision you should be able to see the key objects. Once you have concluded your investigation, talk to Ma’ Bad again. You will be rewarded with a Skill Point.

For a complete breakdown of this quest, read our complete guide here.

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