Kyle Sandilands’ rare insight into first marriage to Tamara Jaber: ‘Never recovered’

Kyle Sandilands has spoken on air about an incident in his first marriage that he “never recovered” from.

The radio host tied the knot with pop star Tamara Jaber in 2008 after five years of dating, but had called it quits by 2010.

During a segment on Tuesday morning’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, Sandilands, 52, admitted that he was shattered when his then-partner rated their sex life as a “two out of ten”.

The topic was raised when pregnant producer Jaimee “Mayo” Hassos revealed she’d had an awkward moment with her husband, where the baby had kicked during sex – and she’d told him afterwards it was “no good”.

Both Sandilands and his co-host Jackie “O” Henderson jokingly groaned at the revelation, with Henderson asking Hassos: “You do realise how damaging that was to Kyle when he got told that once? He never, ever got over it.”

“I’ve got a sexual hang-up about it!” Sandilands confirmed. “About 20 years ago it would have been… the girl I was married to, she actually said, ‘Well, that was a two out of ten’ – and I just never recovered, never recovered emotionally.”

While Sandilands did not directly name Jaber, it was clear that’s who he meant as he’s only been married twice.

He tied the knot for a second time earlier this year with Tegan Kynaston, 37, who is also the mother of his one-year-old son, Otto.

Meanwhile, Jaber, 40, has also moved on, announcing her engagement to personal trainer Billy Kokkinis last year.

The singer took to Instagram in August to reveal the couple was expecting their first baby, sharing a series of pictures showcasing her baby bump during a romantic babymoon in Greece.

While Sandilands and Jaber have remained fairly tight-lipped about their high-profile split over the past decade, in 2012, the former Scandal’us singer made headlines after describing herself as “an accessory” in their marriage.

“When I was with Kyle, I was just an accessory to his world,” she told The Daily Telegraph at the time.

“I would sit on the sidelines and watch as he spoke for me. There was no way that he would allow my own personality to come through. My life was miserable then.”

However, just three years later, she appeared to walk back her comments while appearing on Today Extra to promote her music.

“We were together for so long, eight years. Often things I say in magazines get taken out of context, that he was controlling, little things. Obviously in relationships there’s good and bad, but no regrets. It’s been a while and I’ve actually been out of the country, which has made it easier for me. It’s not like it’s in my face every day.”

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