Where To Catch Golden Salmon In Palia

The Golden Salmon is a useful little fish to catch in Palia. Here’s how to get some.

In the world of Palia, there are over fifty different fish for you to discover and catch, including the Golden Salmon. While it may not be worth its weight in Gold exactly, that doesn’t mean the Golden Salmon isn’t a fish worth searching out.



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With scales that gleam like gold, this fish is a sight to behold, especially in the midday light, and it fetches a decent price at Zeki’s General store for how often you find them. If you’re at all interested in catching a Golden Salmon to display and have in your home as a pet or need one for one of Jel’s quests, we’ll tell you just how to find this fancy little fish.

How To Catch A Golden Salmon

Player character standing at the edge of Whisper Banks and holding up a caught Golden Salmon during the day in Palia.

The Golden Salmon is a Common tier fish that can be found in Kilima Valley, specifically the river that runs through Kilima Village, the one along Whispering Banks, and the river against Maji Hollow.

Standard quality ones sell for 35 Gold, and star-quality versions sell for 52 Gold.

You’ll need Worms as bait to catch it, and these can either be purchased from Zeki’s General Store or produced using a Worm Farm. It’s also specifically found in the morning and day between the hours of three am and six pm.

A Golden Salmon is required to complete the Kilima and Bahari Bay Fish Collector accomplishment, and a star-quality version is required for the Master Kilima and Bahari Bay Fish Collector accomplishment.

Einar, Elouisa, Tau, Jel, Hassian, Najuma, Zeki, and Reth also have the Golden Salmon as a liked item and will accept one as a gift.

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