Adrian Portelli: ‘Final twist’ after ‘ungrateful’ couple win $4m Block house

There has been a “final twist” after a Victorian couple were called out for their “ungrateful” reaction to winning a $4.25 million house that was featured on The Block.

Kevin and Andrea Griffin made headlines after a video of them touring the multimillion-dollar home in Gisborne, located 54 kilometres northwest of Melbourne, was shared online.

The Griffins won the home after Melbourne businessman Adrian Portelli reportedly paid $4.25 million for the property in November last year and announced he would raffle it off as a prize through his business LMCT+.

Despite initially branding the win as “life changing”, a video shared by Mr Portelli showed the couple appearing to be unimpressed with a number of aspects of the house.

The Melbourne businessman claims the couple have now accused him of taking $100,000 worth of items from the home, though Mr Portelli claims these items were never included in the terms and conditions of the prize.

Now, in a “final twist” in the saga, he has announced a $1 giveaway from all the items that were removed from the house.

“Because we want it to go to someone that is going to be grateful and deserving,” he said, adding all 100 per cent of the proceeds from the giveaway would be donated to Australians affected by homelessness.

“Because we’re discussing how many people out there will just be grateful to have a roof over their head, let alone a $4.3 million furnished home mortgage free,” he said.

“So what better way to get you guys involved. We are going to get rid of this, someone’s going to win it for $1 and all the proceeds are going to go towards changing people’s life who will be grateful just to have a better night.”

Some of the bigger ticket items include wine, a wine fridge, kitchen appliances, a toolbox, a meat smoker and a treadmill.

World reacts to ‘ungrateful’ couple

The footage of the couple complaining about the home quickly sparked uproar online, with thousands slamming their reaction.

“I’m actually gobsmacked watching the handover video …. that was enough for me,” one person wrote.

“I literally cannot believe how someone could be so entitled and disgusting,” said another.

Tess and Luke Struber, who were the 2019 The Block winners, also weighed in, noting “so many people out there doing it tough right now that can’t even get their hands on a rental or afford a home loan with the current climate.”

“Pretty un-Australian,” they added.

The feelings were shared by those on’s social media page, where followers pointed out they would be “grateful” to receive such a prize.

“Wow. That’s totally being ungrateful. You have a free house, what more do you want,” one person commented.

“What I wouldn’t give to own a fully furnished home. Would have been eternally grateful,” said another.

“That was cringy [six] … I’m so sorry that a wonderful moment went to some so ungrateful!!!!” another added.

CCTV footage at centre of dispute

Mr Portelli released the video after the couple accused him of “stealing” $100,000 worth of items from the home before handing it over to them.

CCTV reportedly taken before the property was handed to the couple, shows Mr Portelli and a group of men removing items from the home, including wine, kitchen appliances, a toolbox, a meat smoker and a treadmill.

Ms Griffin told the Herald Sunshe “couldn’t believe it” when they uncovered the footage.

“We were just like, what the hell? Why has he done this?” she said.

However, Mr Portelli has said that the items that were taken from the home were not included in the terms and conditions of the giveaway.

“The Block contestants do receive many items from sponsors that aren’t included. So in the in the shed there was a lot of items like a treadmill, there was the wine that contestants won, there was toolboxes, etc,” he explained.

After the video of the couple was shared online, Mr Portelli wrote: “This is the last thing I wanted to do. I was backed up against a wall and had to defend myself so apologies to everyone involved.”

‘Where did me wine fridge go?’

The video starts with Ms Griffin asking, “Is that heated?” to which Mr Portelli responds that he doesn’t know.

“It would want to be,” Mr Griffin adds.

The home features a pool as part of a landscaped outdoor area.

Mr Portelli said that he wasn’t “too sure” but noted there were multiple bathtubs in the home, before offering to show the couple the rest of the house.

“Where did me wine fridge go? There was a wine fridge there,” Ms Griffin said upon entering one of the living areas.

“There’s a couple of lamps in there. We can sell those on eBay,” she is heard saying in another clip.

While looking into one of the rooms, Mr Griffin notes that they “forgot to give that ceiling its final coat”.

“I am going to pick the s**t out of this,” he said, adding that “someone is in for a hell of a lot of trouble”.

In another clip, the Victorian man is seen holding an extension cord and shaking his head, claiming: “They didn’t rectify that problem”.

“I have got all this time now to be an a**hole to whoever built this joint,” Mr Griffin noted.

Mr Portelli claimed these were some of the scenes they initially had to cut out of their final edit of the video in order to “make it seem like they were actually grateful to receive the prize”.

“I am sure you guys would all agree, if you were handing someone a $4.3m prize … if they started acting like that you would want to get the hell out of there as well,” he said.

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