Prince William’s adorable nickname for Kate Middleton revealed

Prince William’s adorable nickname for his wife of 12 years, Kate Middleton, has been revealed by royal insiders.

In Tom Quinn’s new book, Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family, palace staff lifted the lid on the couple’s relationship behind closed doors – including the fact that the Prince of Wales sometimes calls Kate “babykins”.

Meanwhile, the Princess of Wales reportedly tends to refer to him as “babe”, but is known to make fun of his thinning hair occasionally by switching it up with “baldy”, reports The Mirror.

The couple, both 41, were also overheard affectionately calling each other “darling” during the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show.

The sweet revelation came as William and Kate continued their run of appearances in honour of World Mental Health day.

The Wales’ took part in a mental fitness workshop featuring netball and goalball, organised by the charity SportsAid, on Thursday.

Goalball is a Paralympic sport for the visually impaired, where all players wear eyeshades and use tactile lines and a ball with an internal bell.

Kate showed up looking sharp in a blue Zara blazer, but quickly ditched it so she could throw herself into a hoop-scoring exercise at the Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre in the UK’s Buckinghamshire.

Both William and Kate wore the special goggles to participate in a penalty shootout, with only Kate managing to score.

During another game, which was designed to emphasise the challenges of performing under pressure, William blocked his wife’s hoop, laughing as he successfully waved his hands in front of her in order to stop the ball.

The Princess of Wales has been a patron of SportsAid since 2013.

During their visit, the pair spoke to the group about the importance of teaching young kids how to manage challenges in their lives.

“Being able to handle the setbacks is so important,” Kate said. “If we taught it to our youngest kids, it would help so much.”

William then chimed in: “For me, resilience is a mindset. When things go wrong, I go into a different gear,” prompting his wife to poke fun at herself.

”William will know that I take quite a creative approach to resilience,” she joked, before adding: “As a mother, making sure I’m speaking to my children and raising the progress and the effort involved I think is quite hard to do, and I think an important message for youngsters is that this growths mindset is so important for all the different challenges they face.”

On Tuesday, the royal couple marked World Mental Health Day by running a forum for young people in Birmingham, in partnership with BBC Radio 1 and charity The Mix, which brought together 100 delegates to take part in workshops.

During the event, Kate praised the work being done to recognise the importance of mental health.

“Today, more people feel empowered to talk about their mental health than ever before. This is a major step forward,” she told the crowd.

“William and I continue to be inspired to see young people, like you all here today, leading this charge – being particularly brave in having some of those conversations yourselves. As a generation, you value and talk more about your mental health than any before you – something we truly admire and applaud.”

In a poignant moment, Kate was spotted wearing jewellery gifted to her by the mother of a girl who died by suicide.

The “Issy Star” earrings were created for the mental health charity Brave Minds in memory of 17-year-old Isobelle Phipps, who died in April.

During the week, William and Kate will continue their recognition of these initiatives with a meeting with university students and first responders, followed by an event to highlight the connection between mental health and sports.

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