Astral Tale, the much-anticipated fantasy MMORPG is set to get a global version

X-Legend Entertainment is thrilled to announce the global version of their highly-anticipated fantasy MMORPG, Astral Tale, poised for an imminent release offering numerous language selections. The development and operations squads are diligently working in preparation for the imminent launch. The specifics for pre-registration will be disclosed shortly. The teaser website for the international edition of Astral Tale is currently accessible.

Unleash magic and adventure in Astral Tale

Astral Tale, crafted by X-Legend Entertainment, is an MMORPG centered on the elements of swords and magic. It offers gamers a remarkable visual journey through its enchanting hand-drawn art, immersive animations, and voice acting.

Astral Tale
X-Legend Entertainment

Within this fantastical realm, players assume the role of the Astral Warrior, guided by a Terracottage and loyal Senshi companions, setting out on grand adventures to forge lasting memories.

Discover the enhanced astral tale with new classes and gameplay improvements

In the third person: The forthcoming Astral Tale update aims to resolve current gaming issues by enhancing class and Senshi equilibrium, modifying payment structures to reduce pay-to-win elements, and streamlining early-game advancement to enhance player satisfaction.

Furthermore, players should look forward to upcoming enhancements, such as expanded character customization choices, a redesigned user interface with fresh color schemes, a broader selection of fashion items and mounts, and, notably, the long-awaited new character class, accompanied by a range of other thrilling features.

The worldwide release will become available on the Steam platform. Gamers who favor Steam have the option to include Astral Tale in their wishlists. Meanwhile, the Taiwanese edition, known as Astral Realm, will maintain its operations without interruption as the global version debuts, with each version offering unique settings crafted to suit their respective gaming experiences. Additional details about the global version of Astral Tale can be found on the official website.

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