Aussies jailed, Bread Gang banned for life from Las Vegas

Australian DJ duo Bread Gang’s recent trip to Las Vegas ended in wild scenes after one member was jailed and the pair were given lifetime bans from five casinos.

In a recently-uploaded video to their YouTube channel, the duo travelled with a small group of friends to Las Vegas to celebrate one member’s birthday, as a surprise.

Cam, the member whose birthday they were celebrating, was stunned by the news.

“I don’t know if I believe you. Are we actually going to Vegas?” he asked them, ecstatic when the trip was confirmed.

However, the trip took a turn for the worse as they immediately received a lifetime ban at one casino on their first night, and later banned from four more.

According to the Las Vegas Defense Group, reasons for getting slapped with a lifetime ban include being intoxicated, loud, unruly or if the person is counting cards and winning too much money.

While the group have not confirmed the reason behind their punishment, they displayed plenty of loud and unruly behaviour in their video, appearing to be severely intoxicated on several occasions.

The group are seen climbing over furniture, one member taking their shirt off, giving CPR in the middle of a gift store, smoking in a no smoking area, playing in water fountains and being a general nuisance to others in public.

It was announced through their Snapchat that the “boys got arrested and we’ve been evicted”.

“We got lifetime bans from [five] casinos. [Two] of the boys went to jail for [two] days. Patty got robbed at gunpoint [for] $2,500 [A$3958]. We stayed [four] nights longer than planned,” the caption in the video stated.

However, the duo later clarified in a video message exactly had happened.

“We ended up spending seven days here [as the two who were arrested] were in prison for thirty hours,” they explained.

“So we stayed an extra four nights because the boys were in jail for two of those nights. So we had to wait to get the boys out.”

Towards the end of the video, Nick, who was one of the men arrested, went on to explain what had happened with the arrest.

“Me and the boys running amok in Vegas. We copped five lifetime bans [from] Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace … yeah it wasn’t good,” he said.

Nick stated that he couldn’t give too many details as they were “dealing with the charges” as they are facing lifetime bans from the US.

“We spent two nights in Clark County, one of America’s prisons which someone actually told me afterwards [is] one of the worst prisons in America,” he said.

“It was pretty traumatic, it was terrifying. Hanging out with like gang bangers, proper like proper bad c***s, like scary f***ing people.”

This isn’t the first time the Bread Gang have been in the headlines for their questionable behaviour.

In 2019, they were accused of making fun of poor people in a Centrelink prank.

The gang had spent a day hovering near a Centerlink in Brisbane trying to “reel in bogans” after attaching a pouch of tobacco to a fishing line.

Every time someone would attempt to pick up the pouch, it would be reeled in, which left many disgusted by the prank.

“Making a joke of their lives is evil … A lot of people don’t choose to be on Centerlink,” one person commented on the video.

“You are low dogs … some people honestly do just need the money and aren’t bogans at all,” another wrote.

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