Blackout, 505 Go’s survival horror title to shut down on October 31, 2023

The popular mobile action horror game Alien: Blackout will shut down its ports from Android and iOS marketplaces on October 31, 2023, which will come as a shock to fans of the Alien brand. The game was developed by 505 Go which was created as a spin-off and sequel to the critically acclaimed Alien: Isolation by Creative Assembly.

The reason for the Shutdown of Alien: Blackout still remains a mystery

Since its release, Alien: Blackout has been available for purchase; however, after October 31, it will no longer be accessible through app stores. The game can still be played by current owners even though it is no longer displayed in shops. Given the mediocre critical reception Alien: Blackout has received since its release, this surprising statement comes as a mixed thought.

The game’s spine-chilling atmosphere and absorbing gameplay immediately won it a devoted audience. It was created by D3 Go!, which 505 Games bought in 2022. However, it looks like Alien: Blackout no longer fits the company’s plan following the acquisition of D3 Go! The decision to end production on Alien: Blackout, a premium product that doesn’t fit cleanly into the company’s evolving portfolio, may have been made in light of the change towards a more significant concentration on free-to-play (F2P) games.

When 505 Games was acquired, Clive Roberts, who was the company’s head of F2P, underlined the commitment of the business to growing its free-to-play division. Despite lacking a live service component and recurring update fees, Alien: Blackout has been removed from the mobile gaming market, surprising fans and raising doubts, while mentioning it was a hard decision to take in the announcement.

Alien: Blackout Shutdown
Image Via 505 Games

The removal of Alien: Blackout serves as a heartbreaking reminder to franchise fans of the constantly changing nature of the game industry and the difficulties faced by publishers and developers in holding on to their most cherished works.

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