Troye Sivan has opted for a super sexy rebrand

Troye Sivan looks completely unrecognisable in his new music for an absolutely fabulous reason.

Sivan, 28, has left fans gagged and gasping for more by appearing in drag in his latest music video One of Your Girls.

The Aussie pop star grew up in the limelight thanks to the successful YouTube channel he started at just 12.

He then transitioned from social media influencer to pop singing powerhouse and has never looked back.

He has gone all out for his latest music video, recruiting Ross Lynch, a former Disney star who has finally shed his wholesome image by appearing in Troye’s music video.

Lynch, 27, starred in Disney’s Austin and Ally and then Netflix’s revised Sabrina the TeenageWitch, but unlike other child stars who have been eager to shed their innocent images as soon as they turned eighteen, he has remained PG.

Thanks to Sivan, Lynch has fans excited after appearing in nothing but a pair of low-hanging jeanswhile being treated to a lap dance by Troye in drag in the steamy film clip.

It is without a doubt a complete thirst trap.

Naturally, people online are thrilled by this turn of shirtless and drag events.

“I’m deceased,” someone commented

“Screaming,” another wrote.

“No words,” another shared while writing words.

“Troye in drag is so hot,” someone praised.

“Now this is the future. Thanks Troye for always pushing the boundaries,” a fan complimented.

“The drag is totally unpredictable! Every moment is so good,” another observed.

This isn’t the first time Sivan has celebrated queer culture, and the young singer has always referenced his sexuality unapologetically in his music.

The young star has previously explained he decided to be open about his sexuality because he wanted to write songs about love that felt “genuine”.

“I was about to sign my record deal, and I really wanted to be in charge of how I came out. I didn’t want anyone to take that away from me.

“I wanted to start going out and going to gay clubs and meeting boys, and I wanted to write songs about love that were true and genuine,” he told People.

The music video has dropped following the release of Sivan’s latest album Something To Give Each Other, after a five-year break in between music releases.

During an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, he explained the wait wasn’t actually “intentional”, but life had gotten in the way.

“It was just like, I started working on it, then Covid. then I was filming a TV show, doing whatever. It just took a long time. I’m genuinely, like, this is the most proud I’ve ever been of anything,” he shared.

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