Kyle & Jackie O called Kylie Jenner an ‘ugly little thing’

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson have opened up about the first time they met “ugly little” Kylie Jenner.

The KISS Fm stars recalled the moment from years ago while chatting during their show on Friday morning.

When discussing the Kardashians, the pair shared that they were once invited to record a show from inside the family’s then-home.

At the time, Kendall and Kylie were but a blip on the Kardashian radar and had yet to make a name for themselves as youngsters.

During their visit to the home, the radio presenters confessed that they spotted Kylie and were convinced that she would never be as famous as her sisters.

“We were invited to their house to broadcast the whole show from their kitchen. It was first thing in the morning, we were setting up in their kitchen while they were all asleep,’ Jackie explained.

Jackie O continued: “I remember looking at them outside playing in the rain and saying to you ‘they’ll never make it’.”

“And I was like ‘what about that ugly little one’ but that’s the biggest one now. How were we to know a little reconstructive surgery and the right lip kit would skyrocket that kid,’” Kyle added.

Jenner’s physical transformation has been a talking point among fans of the Kardashians for years.

However, she recently denied that she has gone under the knife, and instead insisted that she’s only ever gotten fillers.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I was like this insecure child and I got so much surgery to change my whole face, which is false,” she said on the show. “I’ve only gotten fillers.”

“I always just remember being the most confident kid in the room,” she added. “’I always loved myself.”

Her remarks came as a surprise to some followers of the show, some of whom hold the family responsible for some of societies current unrealistic beauty standards.

At the time, one TikToker hit back at the episode, saying: “Until the Kardashian-Jenners want to be 100% honest and mention everything, their attempt at talking about beauty standards and surgery will always come off disingenuous, contrived, and hollow to me.”

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