Remember Of Majesty, Kakao Games’ MMORPG opens pre-registration on Android and iOS

ROM: Remember Of Majesty is an upcoming MMORPG title now open for pre-registration on Android and iOS. South Korean video game publisher Kakao Games Corp developed and published the game. As per the app store listing, the title is expected to come into mobile devices on the 6th of March 2024. ROM: Remember Of Majesty will feature PC and mobile cross-platform. The title opened its pre-registration website on the 14th of December 2023 and it crossed the milestone of reaching 100k pre-registration already.

While this is a new and unique approach for us, we are committed to giving our best to ensure every Adventurer enjoys the best experience throughout your journey,” said the title’s producer Shin Hyun Geun.

The game features the grand saga of the continent of Calderas

The title is a classic hardcore MMORPG with “constant fights on the global battlefield with no boundaries.” It features a wide range of tactical campaigns such as Territory Wars, Siege Wars, the War of Monarchs, etc.

A personal trading system can be operated with a sealing item system and server/world auction houses. The story unfolds the chaos across the vast lands of five continents where you will have to go through a level-up system including costumes, guardians, item collections, engraving, and more.

ROM: Remember Of Majesty offers exciting pre-registration milestone rewards post-launch

The title will award pre-registered players with rewards including 1x Ring of Oath, 500,000 Gold, and 10x Weapon/Armor Enhancement Scroll. Besides, those who will pre-register through the store pre-registration will receive an additional bonus reward that includes 300,000 Gold and Growth Enhancer.

The game will open a Global Beta Test after closing the pre-registration period. though the title hasn’t announced any specific date for when the registration date will conclude, it is assured of becoming live in a beta test first.

ROM Remember Of Majesty pre-registration rewards
Image via Kakao Games

The game is now available for pre-registration, and it already crossed the 100k milestone for overall pre-registration. Thus, the game announced a reward of 20x Eryndor’s Supply Box for the participants. Moreover, the title set a primary aim of reaching 1 million pre-registrations. If you aren’t one of the pre-registered players, then you can participate via the official website, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

What are your thoughts as Kakao Games’ MMORPG ROM: Remember Of Majesty is up for pre-registration on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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