Indigo Disk Finally Lets Blastoise Use Its Cannons

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s highly-anticipated Indigo Disk DLC is finally here, bringing with it a massive amount of new ‘mons to catch, including every starter Pokemon in the series. It’s introduced some fan favorite Pokemon to Scarlet & Violet for the first time, including the likes of Incineroar, Blaziken, and Typhlosion (Fire-Type starters are clearly the best, don’t argue with me), but one in particular has been hogging all the attention.



Now all the starters are here, fans have been eager to see whether Blastoise can fire water out of his cannons like he does in pretty much every other piece of Pokemon media. Over the past decade, Blastoise has fired moves such as Hydro Pump out of his forehead, despite having two giant cannons, and it’s become somewhat of a meme among Pokemon fans.


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Having moves like Hydro Pump fire out of Blastoise’s forehead instead of his cannons has routinely been used by fans as a clear example of Game Freak being “lazy” with Pokemon animations, but it now seems like the developer has had enough of the criticisms. Yes, Blastoise now fires water out of his cannons when using Hydro Pump, and fans are going wild.

This discovery was made by Twitter user IrishMudkip and shared with the rest of the Pokemon community earlier this week. IrishMudkip has tweeted a clip of them using Hydro Pump on a poor defenseless Rampardos, after which two magnificent streams of water fire from Blastoise’s cannons, delighting Pokemon fans after witnessing Game Freak’s newfound attention to detail.

Astonishingly, this is now the first mainline 3D game in which the standard version of Blastoise actually uses its cannons, and the first in over a decade. Blastoise’s Gigantamax version fired a huge jet out water out of his shell in Pokemon Sword & Shield, but the last time the normal version did was in Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Nintendo Wii back in 2007.

Unfortunately, Blastoise’s cannons only appear to be used when firing off a Hydro Pump, and moves like Ice Beam and other Water-Type moves still fire out of his forehead as usual. That being said, it’s still a step in the right direction for Game Freak, which appears to have put quite a lot more thought into the Indigo Disk than it has done in previous games and expansions. Here’s hoping Blastoise’s cannons aren’t put out of order again in Gen 10.


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