Florida woman dumped her boyfriend as he wouldn’t use toilet paper

A woman on TikTok shocked and repulsed online viewers after revealing that her ex-boyfriend didn’t use toilet paper — which ultimately led to her dumping him.

Alexandra Maria Clara, from Tampa, Florida, in the southwest of the US, detailed her fling with the dirty bum in a video with over 900,000 views on the app.

In the clip, the dating victim said she’d gone to the bathroom at her unnamed ex-beau’s house and realised he’d run out of toilet paper, or so she thought at the time, New York Post reported.

Alarmed, the bombshell alerted the wipe-ochrondriac to the shortage, whereupon he seemingly agreed to remedy the problem.

“I said, ‘Hey, you don’t have any toilet paper’,” said Clara.

“And he was like, ‘Oh sorry,’ and I was like, ‘it’s fine.’ For the moment it was OK because I always carry tissues in my purse.”

She added, “So I was like, ‘Make sure you pick some up when you go to the supermarket.’ And he was like, ‘Thanks for reminding me, cool,’ or whatever.”

Unfortunately, when Clara stopped by a week later, her crusty former flame had still not stocked up on the essential bathroom accessory.

Again, she promptly informed him of the issue, but he said he simply “forgot,” per the clip.

It wasn’t until the pair went to the store to pick up snacks that she learned that’s just how her BF “rolled” — that is, without TP.

“We go to Target and I’m like, ‘Oh, while we’re here let’s get some toilet paper,’ Maria Clara described. This man deada** looks me in the eye and says, ‘I’m not gonna do that.’”

She continued, “And I said, ‘Why?’ and he goes, ‘Because I don’t use toilet paper.’ So I went, ‘What do you use?” And he goes, ‘I use wet wipes’.”

Appalled by his revolting habit, Maria Clara inquired what she should use while at his house. Mr Wrong responded that she should just use “wet wipes.”

The exchange concluded with the bozo declaring that he wasn’t buying toilet paper, at which point the fed-up Floridian decided to get her own.

‘We go to ring up and I go in a different line and purchase my toilet paper and my snacks,” she said. “He buys his sh*t and I buy mine.” In other words, she didn’t appreciate him telling her to slow her roll.

So, seemingly taking a leaf from pandemic-era hoarders, Clara decided to store her toilet tissue in her car for when she visited her beau.

However, her scheme fell apart the first time she tried to use his bathroom.

She described, “I grab my keys, leave, go into my car, get a roll of toilet paper, walk back into his apartment with my toilet paper, use the bathroom, come out, and I get my keys again and he goes, ‘Where are you going?’”

The boyfriend proceeded to ridicule Clara’s paper stash, at which point she realised the relationship had hit swamp-bottom.

Clara broke it off with the bathroom tissue prohibitionist shortly thereafter.

Commenters felt that the model was far too kind on the toilet paper abstainer. “Girl I would’ve just ended it after ‘I don’t use toilet paper’,” scoffed one viewer.

Another wrote, “I would have left Target and gone straight home.”

“Is it just me or does anyone feel like he just simply doesn’t use anything at all,” theorised a third.

Some thought the biggest issue was that he wasn’t considerate of Clara’s needs.

“It’s not just toilet paper people, it’s about hospitality and caring for others and making sure you prioritise them and make them comfortable,” declared one viewer.

This story originally appeared on the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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