Codes For Roblox’s Warriors Army Simulator 2

Lead your soldiers to victory with these Warriors Army Simulator 2 codes for Roblox!

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to control an army? Then tie your sergeant boots on and play Warriors Army Simulator 2 on Roblox! This experience lets you build an army to fight unique monsters, including sentient eggs and killer jungle plants. Gathering resources and defeating enemies allows you to improve your castle base, strengthening your army.




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Warriors Army Simulator 2 includes a ton of grinding, like any tactical simulator. Not only will you be responsible for your warriors, but a crew of workers as well. And castle improvements require your warriors and workers to farm many coins, gems, and other resources. Fortunately, these Warriors Army Simulator 2 codes will give you a healthy foundation to start.

Working Warriors Army Simulator 2 Codes




Receive 5,000 Candy! (NEW CODE)


Receive 1,500 Gems! (NEW CODE)


Receive a Coins II Potion! (NEW CODE)


Receive a Mega Luck Potion! (NEW CODE)


Receive 500 Gems! (NEW CODE)


Receive an XP Potion! (NEW CODE)

Warriors Army Simulator 2 codes are not case-specific and last for a limited period. You may only redeem codes once per Roblox account.

Expired Codes

There are currently no expired Warriors Army Simulator 2 Codes. Don’t fail your troops! Redeem active codes now before they expire!

How To Redeem Warriors Army Simulator 2 Codes

A step-by-step diagram for redeeming promo codes in Warriors Army Simulator 2 on Roblox.

You can redeem Warriors Army Simulator 2 codes via the game’s Codes menu. Follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the gift box icon at the bottom of the screen to open the Codes menu.
  2. Type your code into the text field labeled “Type here.”
  3. Click the green REDEEM button next to the text field to submit your code.
    1. A green message that says, “Code Redeemed,” indicates that the redemption worked.
    2. A red message that says, “Invalid Code,” indicates the redemption did not work.
  4. Note that Twitter Codes and Premium Codes both have the same redemption steps. However, Twitter codes (aka promo codes) get redeemed in the top text field, and Premium Codes (codes that give items from the Premium Shop) get redeemed in the bottom gold text field.

Check your code for errors regarding spelling, spacing, numbers, and special characters (&, $, #, @, etc.) if your first redemption attempt fails. Then, if these edits do not remedy the issue, you can assume the code is faulty or expired.

How To Get More Warriors Army Simulator 2 Codes

The best places to get more Warriors Army Simulator 2 codes are @YewBow_Arts on X (Twitter) and the YewBow Arts Discord Server. Visit the links below for more Warriors Army Simulator 2 news, updates, and events.


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