Pokémon Sleep players will now get Daily Gifts in-game

Exciting news for Pokémon Sleep players as the game will be arriving with some interesting rewards this festive season thanks to a fantastic new feature: Daily Gifts.

Players can now claim their hands on random rewards for free in Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep is a casual game from The Pokémon Company that uniquely ties in with players’ sleep patterns. In this innovative game, players have the opportunity to earn rewards based on the duration and quality of their sleep. By offering a simple yet effective way to analyze their sleeping patterns, Pokémon Sleep encourages players to adopt healthier lifestyles by making necessary improvements to their sleep habits.

From today, embark on a daily journey of excitement in Pokémon Sleep, where each day unveils the prospect of fun and free surprises, ranging from rare Pokémon and special items to exclusive in-game bonuses, say Poké Biscuits, Candies, or Diamonds chosen at random. Securing your daily gifts is effortlessly accomplished in Pokémon Sleep: simply log in, navigate to the designated General Store section, and claim your daily reward.

Earlier announcements for the game’s future features indicated the development of a feature in Pokémon Sleep that would distribute rewards like Poké Biscuits at no cost through a Daily Gift. This anticipated addition, previously under development, has now been officially confirmed to be making its way into the game before the Spring of 2024.

Pokemon Sleep cover, Pokemon Sleep open beta
Image via The Pokemon Company

The developers have officially confirmed that the current sleep-based reward system will be a longstanding feature within the game. Hence, coupled with a growing user base and promising development plans, Pokémon Sleep appears set to maintain a steady and engaging trajectory.

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