TikToker posts thief’s face online after Christmas parcels stolen from Melbourne porch

An Aussie mum’s desperate plea to retrieve stolen Christmas gifts has failed, after she took to social media in an attempt to get them back.

Posting to TikTok, Jasmine Yoong from Melbourne gave the alleged thief 24 hours to return the Christmas gifts stolen from her porch, but did not receive a response.

“I’m giving you 24 hours to return these parcels,” the mum of three said on Thursday, explaining she was holding off releasing the man’s picture.

“All that hard work for you to come and steal them off my front door when the postman was collecting them and then he couldn’t collect them. Why? Because you stole them. All I want is my five parcels back and even if you ripped open the bag that’s fine, just give me back the boxes, the items aren’t even crazy — they’re just Christmas gifts I was sending out to people.”

The video has racked up nearly three million views on TikTok, with thousands of people flocking to comments eager to get an update.

“Sigh … such a gracious offer. I have ZERO faith in humanity. I applaud [your delusion, your] faith and hope. I hope it’s justified,” one person wrote.

“Bless you for giving them a chance WHEN THEY DON’T DESERVE IT,” wrote another.

A third wrote, “I have a feeling [you] ain’t [going to] get them back.”

“Girl don’t leave your parcels out in view from the road! Hide them behind something like a plant pot and let the postie know,” a woman suggested.

While one added, “And that’s why I hate when the postmen leave parcels in front of my door when I’m not home, I request they take them to the post office.”

The video reached a worker from a nearby McDonald’s, who told Ms Yoong the man was at the fast-food restaurant minutes before he paid her a visit.

“He was apparently causing a ruckus before he came to my place to steal my parcel,” Ms Yoong said.

“Sometimes all you need is a wakeup call. Genuinely it’s not even about the parcels, I’m just trying to teach you to do the right thing.”

On Friday morning, Ms Yoong did not find the parcels at her front door, prompting her to release the CCTV footage.

In the footage the alleged thief can be seen walking up her porch before promptly grabbing the parcels, quickly running away with them towards a white escape car.

Ms Yoong believes a total of three people are responsible for the theft — one man, who allegedly stole the parcels and two women waiting in the car.

She has since contacted her local police and reported the incident.

It comes as Aussies are being warned of a surge in parcel theft during this pre-Christmas period.

According to Finder, approximately one million Aussies had their parcels stolen last year, which were often long-awaited Christmas gifts.

Crime Stoppers Victoria chief executive Stella Smith told A Current Affair half a billion dollars worth of parcels were lost or stolen each year.

“To find your gift’s gone missing, it can be very stressful,” Ms Smith said.

“This is a crime that is opportunistic, so if it’s not on the doorstep somebody can’t see it and they won’t take it.”

Finder has found that nearly $2.8 million worth of parcels are estimated to have been stolen since Black Friday sales.

“If you’re thinking about it and you get caught on a camera, you’ll be very, very humiliated,” Ms Smith said.

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