Scottish woman’s shock at repeated Aussie dating culture act

A Scottish woman who moved to Australia has expressed her shock at Australian dating culture – specifically one act she can’t wrap her head around.

Jadley, who goes by @aimersx on TikTok and lives in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, said she needed someone to explain to her how dating worked in Australia.

“I don’t get it, I do not understand,” she said candidly in a short social media video.

“I feel like if you say one thing wrong, you’re left on read. And the amount of dates that have been organised and then the guys just never text me again has never happened anywhere else in the world.

“Every woman I speak to has the exact same horror stories about Australian men.”

Social media users were quick to point out that Jadley wasn’t alone in this experience by any stretch of the imagination.

“Dating in Australia is like walking into a red flagged carnival. don’t bother. I now own cats,” one social media user said.

Another added, “Dating isn’t really a thing here. You hook up and if you vibe you keep hooking up until eventually no one leaves and then you’re a couple.”

“Literally this guy asked me three times to go out with him and when I agreed he started replying really dry like he wants me to chase him,” another questioned.

“Coming from Melbourne, dating in Sydney has been the most fried thing I’ve ever experienced in my 30 years of life,” another added.

One man tried to defend men’s actions, saying, “Because you invest in a girl and try and take them on dates only to get ghosted. That hurts. So we try to avoid getting too invested.”

One social media user said, “Australian here. I don’t bother dating here. Hope that helps.”

“I didn’t realise all the problems were here. I thought it was like this everywhere. BRB, PACKING MY BAGS,” another social media user said.

“As a Aussie gal, I feel like you have to always do a balancing act. With not be to dominant and give him validation and boost up their self esteem,” one added.

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